18 Jul 2019

Content Management Solutions: Benefits for Enterprise Businesses

Not everyone on planet earth is an IT expert and not everyone knows to code. If it is true and we know it is then, how can an IT layman survive in a tech era? An era in which the online presence of your business is crucial for its survival. For those persons, a Content Management System is a blessing. A system that manages all the content and doesn't need any coding knowledge.

Content is a general term. For businesses, content includes text, image, and video shareable and exclusive information. A CMS makes the creation and handling of content easy. For businesses, CMS is called Enterprise/Electric Content Management or ECM. ECM helps in sharing content within and out of the organization. The benefits of cloud sharing make the ECM worthy. The most popular content management systems include WordPress, Joomla, Concrete5, DRUPAL, Text Pattern, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, and MCMS. All these CMS have their own set of features, The selection depends on the needs and budget of the enterprise.

Let's see some key benefits of content management systems for enterprise!

  • Benefits in Terms of Independence

    The ECM facilitates the uploading of text, images, and editing of files through its user-friendly interface. It helps in distribution and alteration of content. The ECM makes the owner free from the tension of contracting a developer, digital marketing consultant or administrator. Because it is easy to use, and one does not need to put extra time or money on shaping content. The ECM also keep the content up-to-date and it never outdated. It means one-time work benefits you longer.

    The most attractive benefit of ECM is, one does not have to worry about the loss of data. As, a properly planned and implemented ECM keep a record of it. It manages back-ups, offline storage, archives, and recovery of accidentally lost data. Thus, ECM makes you tension free in all aspects of data protection.

  • Benefits in Terms of Cost and Efficiency

    A business is in profit only when its expenditures are less than its profits. That's why it is a crucial point to take control of expenditures so that maximum can be saved. The profit also depends on the productivity of employees besides controlling the costs. According to research, an employee spends 60% of the working time on document and record handling. And according to ARMA (Association for Records and Information Managers), about 20% of the information misfiled by organizations. Both of these factors reduce the efficiency of the employee. As the time consumption in management and spending hours on misfiled data recovery is of no worth.

    An enterprise or electronic content management system helps to get rid of these limitations thus, enhance productivity. Creating a document from a user-friendly interface and giving access of it to the concerned persons make the distribution job easy. It also reduces the operational amount by cutting the long to short. The long means create a document, print it on paper, share it and then give it storage space. The printing costs, paper costs, and storage costs are the costs that can be saved by using ECM. You are probably taking it lighter, but it is not.

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    In 2013, Yale saved 252,000$ from just 3 departments on shifting to paperless management. That's pretty good. The cost saving is estimated 80$ per employee by EPA. ECMs also costs but they benefit in terms of enhanced efficiency and enriched features. The costs are also lower than the non-ECM operational costs.

  • Benefits in Terms of Control

    The ECM is simple, flexible, and affordable. A good ECM takes care of your content from the time of creation to the time of replacement. Creating and placing content by using ECM is super easy. It also offers full control of the data. By control, I mean the security policies can be employed easily. You can also check the working on the document, you can take notes on the document, and can also save them at the same time. The version control of the documents in electric/enterprise content management systems is a very helpful feature too.

    The cloud sharing of ECM widens the sharing range. The documents can be shared nationally as well as internationally. This range ensures control over business presence globally. The enterprise/electric management systems make the documents accessible from anywhere thus, provide flexible working hours to employees. The flexible working hours and easy collaboration enhance the productivity of the employee.

    Another way in which ECM benefits the businesses and employees is a mutual understanding. According to Benefits Communication Survey conducted by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, employers think that the 80% plan participants do not open or read the plan material and 31% of them don't perceive it right. ECM makes the employees feel valued by the organization and they also engage them to read the material. When an employee starts trusting its organization then him/her efficiency doubled.

  • Benefits in Terms of Customer Service

    ECM is not only benefitting the organization by facilitating employees, but it also facilitates the customers to develop a bond between the organization and the customers. The working of ECM in this context can be explained as the streamlined access to the files and information thus, reduction in response time to customers.

    McKinsey Global Institute reported in a study held in 2012 that employees spend about 20% of the week in searching and gathering related information. McKinsey also reported that companies can enhance the productivity of workers by 20%-25% by using technology. And everyone knows customers don't wait long, that's why this point is of great importance.

Enterprise Content Management Systems are very useful for enterprise businesses. But, the benefits of an ECM can only be completely harvested if one implements it properly. It must be logically planned for getting most of it as ECMs do not start benefiting automatically after deployment.Not every Content Management System is ECM. So, the proper knowledge of CSMs that can benefit in the field of business is required. Contact us today we are the best web design and development company.

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