04 Feb 2020

6 Challenges in Web Application Development Faced by Developers

Creating excellent web apps is not easy. Designing something that makes both the manager and the client happy takes considerable labor and time.

Here Are Some Challenges Of Web Application Development And Solutions

Challenge 1: Gap of Skilled Web App Developers

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was put into effect in May 2018. Following this, organizations needed to redefine roles within management to make their products and services GDPR-compliant. Although beneficial for consumers and personal data, this shift has made key officials align themselves more towards compliance and privacy management roles, such as chief data officer.

This has somewhat diluted the roles of chief information officers (CIOs) and chief information security officers (CISOs). More key positions for the right personnel in as many as 80% of companies are reportedly going to be left unattended to, as per CyberEdge's Cyberthreat Defence Report.

As 2019 looms, the lack of right guiding authority for developers is only more concerning. While the compliance landscape has become more comprehensive, people in charge are only as good as their confines.

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Challenge 2: Incompatible Team Members

Gartner reports that only 55% of web app development companies deliver satisfactory solutions. A balanced team is a mix of competencies, industry benchmark experts and analysts to comprehend requirements and deliver solutions. To further complicate things, teams in marketing and design departments who don't have a background in app development can set unrealistic deadlines, focusing on how fast something gets done, rather than how efficient something should be.

In BluEnt's experience, there are two solutions to this problem. Either the tech lead must have good people skills and a flair for marketing, or web application development should be outsourced to a trusted web app development company.

Challenge 3: Syncing Functionality with Simplicity

One of the key challenges in web app development is delivering an app that offers the best user experience and has the most essential functions, yet is simple. Furthermore, don't expect your customers to wait in long queues to get their products checked out. If your app takes even a second too long to load or the payment gateway takes too much time to respond, you will be in a fix. In this case, it's time to call in a web app development company.

Challenge 4: Dealing with performance issues

Whether you are just beginning as an entrepreneur or are getting your first web app designed, remember that your app is a product. For your customers, it is the face of your brand.

Poorly written code, unmanaged data, non-optimized databases, traffic surges and their poor load distributions, faulty third-party services and bad configurations result in degraded performance. Your users will grow frustrated and leave your website.

Rather than doing damage control, it is wise that you be careful from the beginning itself. Hire app developers if need be, or tell your in-house team at the start what your expectations are of the app.

Challenge 5: Security

One of the main things web app developers are always concerned about is the security of their web app. With the rise of cyber-threats over the years, keeping the app secure should be the priority of product managers.

BluEnt suggests that product managers and business managers undergo a small workshop on cyber threats and security to gain a clear understanding of how to integrate the correct functionality, aesthetics and security essentials in an app.

Challenge 6: Support and Maintenance

Just like your car needs service after every three months, so does your web app. Building a nifty app is great, but without the right support, maintenance and upgrades, your app is only relevant until the next algorithm release. Without web application maintenance, businesses become unhappy because the app doesn't perform well and the tech leader gets the heat.

Web app developers understand what you want and how you want your web application development to go, but good things take time. If you want your app to be different, set reasonable deadlines for your tech experts. Be prepared with the basics beforehand. Conduct research on trends and don't just study your competition – study what you should do to stand out.

You can always speak to us at BluEnt. We'd be happy to brainstorm new ideas with you.

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