06 Dec 2016

Smart Apps: The Next Revolution in App Development

The world of app technology is in constant motion, and the latest wave of innovation has come in the form of Smart Apps. Though you may have never heard of this term, you’d be surprised to learn that it’s already in mainstream use today – from consumers to enterprises, browser to mobile, and homes to commercial malls, this revolution has quietly taken the world by storm.

06 Dec 2016

App Prototyping: 5 merits that create a win-win scenario for your master plan

An app prototyping is the creation of a preliminary model from which other concepts and forms are built. It gives an insight into the features and functionality of the final design and product. This helps in evaluating the changes that are required to optimize user experience before they proceed with the development process.

29 Nov 2016

Milestone in the health sector: Virtual healthcare at your fingertips

There has been a stupendous advancement in technology that has impacted almost every everything in this world. It has changed our day-to-day lives in many ways, from ordering food online to studying courses from distant universities to booking an appointment for a spa. It has made our lives somewhat effortless.

25 Nov 2016

The Do’s and Don’t’s of User-Centered App Design

Given the rise of personalized products and services in the online marketplace, it’s no wonder that user-centred app design is on everyone’s mind. The challenge, however, is not in choosing user-centred design, but actually putting it into practice.

22 Nov 2016

To Brand or Not to Brand: A 4-Step Guide to Branding in Today’s Times

Social media has been the most powerful platform since the past decade. Back then no one probably thought

Cloud Computing
15 Nov 2016

Head in the Clouds: Build Your Castle in the Clouds with Cloud Computing

The world we live in is a fast-paced, efficiency hungry and a dynamic one. To keep up with the times, it is absolutely quintessential a person, product or service is able to manage not only one task but multiple tasks at one go. The end-line—you cannot just stick to one thing anymore. The cloud is a brilliant example of this phenomenon.

app retention
08 Nov 2016

Insider Tips for Better Ppp Retention

In today’s app-saturated market, retention is the most important measurement for gauging how much value your app is truly generating for its users. Considering that less than 25% of people return to an app the day after installing according to a 2016 mobile marketing report by Appboy, a lack of value creation can turn your latest distribution strategy into a costly mistake.

customized and packaged apps
08 Nov 2016

Custom vs Packaged Apps: To stay within the box or to step out of it

As a business owner, one constantly finds themselves caught up in between the ever classic dilemma- to stay within the box or to step out of it. Each with their own pros and cons, it is natural to not be entirely sure about if you are making the right decision for your company or not. The best way to go about it is to ask for help when you are not sure about what you are getting yourself involved into.

01 Nov 2016

How To Prove: Design Is Not The Way It Looks, But The Way It Works.

The famous quote: “Design is not the way it looks but the way it works.” was coined by none other than Steve Jobs. Jobs, was a pioneer in the field of design and technology. You can tell an Apple Product apart from any other product simply because of their design, not only the one that is visible.

01 Nov 2016

The mobile takeover – A fundamental shift in web design

Mobile web browsing is becoming highly prevalent and it is not just a passing fad in the Internet industry.


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