04 Jul 2017

Tips To Build Your Winning Agile App Development Team

Irrespective of the framework, agile development makes mobile app development rewarding and fun.

Agile development teams comprise some of the most happening people in an organization. Teamwork is a quintessential element for all agile projects which is why your agile mobile app development team should be chosen wisely.

Despite the contrary belief of people knowing what they are doing, there is no magic formula for finding the perfect agile developers. Some developers love to work on Kanban while others prefer Scrum. What to do with conflicting mindsets and differing temperaments?

Read on to find out:

  • Creating an agile mobile app development team upon a solid foundation

    An agile team is like an individual person. It takes the time to grow. Specifically, agile teams go through the following key stages during their development:

    Understandably, as the team reaches the fourth rung of the cycle, it starts excelling. There are mutual trust and respect between members and a general understanding of each other's strengths which optimizes the way software is developed.

    However, a word of caution – it is difficult to reach the "Performing" stage if the team make-up shifts a lot. Simply speaking, if you keep adjusting in the working hierarchy or there is regular attrition, chances are, your agile team will never reach the zenith.

    How to achieve stage number 4?

    Building an intact agile team requires organizational discipline and protection. Teams that excel are built upon sound engineering practices such as code reviews, continuous integration of services, task branching and strong engineering fundamentals.

    Agile App Development Team

  • Mentoring to develop high-performing agile developers

    One of the biggest benefits of working in a team is that the colleagues mentor and learn from each other. A mentor is not a senior member coaching a junior. It can be anyone who inspires you positively. Everyone in the team can mentor others so that the team as a whole, creates a greater impact than a ripple caused by an individual.

  • Shared skill sets contribute to creating great teams too

    As engineers, it is imperative that one keeps learning new skill sets. This makes individuals greater assets to an organization. They also become better equipped to handle challenging tasks. Having said that, shared skill sets help tackle heterogeneous work.It is a common misunderstanding that agile teams are just for coding and engineering. You can set up an agile team in almost any department of your company including HR, finance and marketing.

    Agile application Development

    So, who all should I include in my agile development team?

    An ideal agile app development team comprises of 5 to 10 people and they include:

    • Developers & Programmers

    • Architecture Designers

    • QA Experts

    • User Experience Designers

    • Managers

    • Business Analysts

    The best part about adopting an agile approach is, you can change individual responsibilities as the per the project requirements. For instance, at the beginning, it would be desirable to have designers working to shape up the prototype of the app, while in the late stages of coding, the designers can work on tweaks and recommendations suggested by beta testers and client.

BluEnt is proud of having an in-house agile development team. We develop robust custom solutions with Scrum methodology for clients across the world. Let us know how we can help you.

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