06 Sep 2018

Benefits of Email Marketing Automation Tools in Businesses

Email marketing automation tools are the best mediums for maintaining effective communication and brand awareness in the market.

BluEnt has been into the digital marketing for more than a decade and explains the email marketing automation tools concept based out of the experience with their various clients. Let's begin with:

What is Email Marketing Automation?

As the name suggests, this is an effective way of engaging the customers with automated messages. It is more like outsourcing the repetitive mundane marketing tasks and follow-ups to an email automation software rather than hiring a dedicated professional. Despite the size of the organization, most businesses have time management issues where they want to achieve constant engagement with their customers individually. With the automation tools, this can become easy when customers take pre-specified actions and initiate regular email marketing services.

What could be the challenges of email marketing without automation?

  • It would be quite unrealistic to constantly write individual emailers to every single customer.

  • Sending email after email to the entire subscription list.

  • People tend to either tag email into spam section or unsubscribe directly, if irrelevant.

To avoid all of the above, the email marketing automation tools came into existence. Let's discuss the prime benefits email marketing software bring to the table.

  • Email Marketing is the Key

    More than half of the world's population is an email user in 2017 and it is increasing daily. It is proven to be the most effective medium for online marketing in the USA. Around 255 million people by end of 2020 would become email users in the USA alone. This clearly defines that email marketing proves to be one of the salient approaches in the marketing. Hence, the automation would expedite this process.

  • Budget Friendly and Time Saving

    Email automation enables the businesses to streamline the same tasks and reduce the cost involved in hiring the specific individual for the position. In short, when organizations require lesser employees to perform the repetitive work, they significantly save a huge amount of money out of their marketing budgets and invest that money into better strategies, tools or training programs. The same thing applies to the time as highly skilled professionals can now indulge their time in more important tasks of the marketing.

  • Nurture the Potential Customers

    Email marketing originated from the perspective of converting the potential clients into the customers. Some businesses practice the process where the sales team directly contacts the new website visitors without knowing their intention or the requirement. In such scenarios, leads are not looking to be pitched by the sales team directly, in fact, they are simply wanting to read some information from the website.

    That is where lead nurturing makes the difference, the process of converting strangers into visitors, visitors into leads and leads into customers. This can be achieved by the "Email Workflow". An email workflow is a process of sending a series of emails to the prospect based on the information gathered about them. This gradually nurtures the leads as they receive the relevant informative content via emails. If the content shared is engaging and interactive, the visitor would be more attracted towards the services and the business.

  • Enhance Brand Awareness

    When someone receives a consistent and relevant information from a relevant business email workflow process, they would automatically have a better understanding and awareness of your business. This will make your target audience become more receptive and interested in your business services.

  • Segmented Email List

    The most important benefit of using the email marketing automation tools is that the audience receives more relevant messages. Using the email marketing software, it becomes easier to segment the prospect or customer database into separate sections and customize the emails for different sections based on their personal interest, purchase pattern or the demographic. This simple email marketing feature leads to the higher customer engagement. In various surveys, it has been observed that segmented email marketing campaigns have higher email opening rate in comparison to the non-segmented campaigns.

  • Co-ordinate with Purchasing Cycle

    One of the most useful benefits of the email marketing automation tools is scheduling the emails which would reach the prospects or customers at the right time. The marketing team can promote a campaign based on the purchasing pattern of the existing services or products which customer has already purchased or interested in future. Such email marketing campaigns could also be automated depending upon the seasonal sale or the specific occasion for your products or services. For example, you have an e-commerce website for the educational stationary products. Setting a seasonal back-to-school email campaign would undoubtedly increase the revenue among your existing or potential customers.

  • Personalized Emails

    In email marketing automation, businesses have the leverage of personalizing emails, for instance, the first name and the company name, with the more conversational and realistic language. Personalizing emails and the subject lines have a larger impact on the receiver and increase the email opening rate.

Email marketing automation service has various advantages; however, the businesses should be aware of the workflows based on the receiver's activities.

When should email marketing automation be used?

  • Sign Up Email – Whenever a user signs up for any of your service or a newsletter, they should receive a warm personalized welcome message with a brief information about the future content type.

  • Series – An email series is most famous among the tutorial or educational courses, they can sectionalize the information in a proper series which can be shared with the users over the course of time.

  • Annual Emails – Businesses keep in constant touch with their customers in a form of yearly events or anniversaries. It becomes more engaging when companies offer product or service discounts and coupons.

  • Website Movements – An automation setting which sends the tailor-made messages to the customer when they click specific pages or links on the website.

  • Follow Up – An automation for a follow-up post the purchase of any service or a product. This also enhances the opportunity of creating a recommendation for different services or products.

  • Customer Feedback Survey – This helps the customers to share their experience with the brand and keeps them engaged with the businesses. This makes the customers feel more valued and create a mini loyalty program using email automation tool.

In conclusion, this press release has sufficed the benefits and the instances where the email marketing automation tools played an important role. BluEnt is a digital marketing company in New York City, USA with the various digital services such as email marketing, newsletter marketing etc. BluEnt has worked with numerous of client and has seen the growth and importance of various email marketing features.

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