05 Dec 2017

Apps to Make Thanksgiving Even Better

We all are aware of the fact that Thanksgiving dinners are quite a deal for each one of us. And, why not? This is the beginning of the most awaited holiday as well as shopping season.

What has made us write this blog post after Thanksgiving? Every year, we eagerly wait for the holiday season to kick off which brings a lot of responsibility and stress along with it.

Too much happening at the same time such as traveling, picking everyone's favorite wine, cooking most inspiring turkey recipe, meeting your family and what not. We have tried to experience and filter out few useful thanksgiving apps that could make your future Thanksgivings app smoother and more fun.

Let's unravel some ways which would help you to be more organized and stress-free this holiday season. Our life is surrounded by technology, then, why not use it to make things simpler? Mobile apps are successfully proven to be our best friend in the current world.

Every piece of knowledge or our favorite thing is just a click away. Though there are numerous apps starting from the travel planning to decorating your home available in the market, we have only highlighted few which would organize your day more productively as we can't possibly talk about every Thanksgiving mobile app available.

Here are some apps we think would do wonders this holiday season:

  • We celebrate food on Thanksgiving and to cook delicious finger licking meal, you need a food app called Allrecipes. If you are a master chef, then you might not need any help. But for the rest of us, this app is a miracle. We all have gone through the last-minute menu changes while hosting a dinner where you have invited a vegan friend, or your cousin has become a vegetarian now, what would you cook in such a scenario? Allrecipes has been a lifesaver for us. This is also famous as a community for home cooks. You need to simply set details in the app about any food restrictions, number of people coming over for a meal and time-limit to prepare the meal, and it would guide you with the best options.

  • Time is money, so you need a time tracking app to keep things running: Timer+ We all have our in-built alarm to keep reminding us of things. But this isn't enough when you have your two different dessert dishes to bake, need to roast a turkey, prepare the stuffing and pick your favorite wine from the store, you have to achieve all such tasks at different time gap to turn things into memorable dinner. Now we know that my phone inbuilt alarm or microwave timer can't keep the similar pace as Timer+. Timer+ allow setting multiple timers with unique ringtone for each task and multiple stopwatches to perfectly cook your delicious dinner. It is a blessing for people who are super busy and multi-tasking. It worked for us.

  • Pick your wine with the help of your wine assistant: Hello Vino Picking the right wine for your meal could not be a riddle, but you definitely need help to choose the best pinot for the dinner table. Hello Vino helps you pick a perfect wine bottle according to your meal. You can set your price range and taste preferences to get the best virtual advice. This saves your hours of browsing on internet and guides you to fun dinner.

BluEnt recommends these apps to save time for you to enjoy with your family and friends this holiday season. Just keep yourself away from your smartphone and app world while enjoying the chit-chat on the dinner table. BluEnt is a mobile application development company with the smart team of technology consultants and mobile app developers. We have crafted ideas sharper than expected as we believe in achieving maximum value for all our projects. Reach out to us for your app idea.

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