18 Aug 2017

5 Reasons Adopting Agile Custom Application Development Is Best For Your Business

Why agile? How is it going to benefit? Why can't I work with a conventional waterfall methodology?

You go through various thoughts before choosing a business development methodology to execute your project. Agile methodology isn't new to us, it originated in 1990's. However, they became a part of the industry only in the later part of the new millennium. After being into the technology industry for years, we know that market is constantly growing and changing. Every project is like a 'running track' with finishing line at stretch. When you adopt agile, you can break milestones into small 'sprints' with constant checks and revisions. Agile custom application development believes in quick approach, iterative life cycle, modifying requirements and solutions on regular basis.

Read the five major benefits of using agile custom application development for your business:

  • Customer Engagement Agile allows the involvement of the stakeholder during the entire development process. It lets the customer access the project at any given point and provide feedback. This helps the development team to work in alliance with the customer and be on the same page. Agile benefits the project by keeping every component up-to-date with the customer feedback. Working with the client as a team would leave no signs of unhappy faces. Unlike traditional methods, where the customer changes opinion over the period of project development or the team work with partial information, agile is customer-centric and ensures fulfilled delivery of the custom application.

  • Agile framework ensures Transparency


    Transparency brings positive results. The agile methodology provides customers to be more involved in the whole development process. Discussions on setting priority features, iteration planning, review sessions or adding new features help the customer to understand the ground reality and set the realistic and achievable goals. This saves the wastage of time and brings out the desired end product. Agile also ensures improved communication among the team members via periodic team meets and updates on the progress or deadlines. This clears the confusion within the team and problems are discussed & resolved quicker.

  • Better Quality through Agile

    better quality

    Breaking the project into manageable units or we can call it 'sprints' helps the team to focus and decide the high-quality development and testing. Iteration allows the team to build priority features, conduct testing and gather reviews during each sprint. This helps in detecting errors and finding gaps early and eventually, fix them. The agile framework brings out the best quality in comparison to traditional software development methods.

  • Success in Marketing


    From the business point of view, every project is commenced to usher in ROI. Agile process is structured in a way which gives the customer a strategy to release the software with its basic version. In today's competitive environment, it is important to release an idea to the market before someone else does. This can only be done using agile by releasing essential features built quickly and launched in the market at the right time. You can add other features later.

  • Cost Effective and Smart Planning

    Cost Effective

    Agile is highly cost-effective setup for the customer. There, we said it! It removes the pressure from the client to make an up-front decision of building the entire application. The project is sub-divided into various phases, allowing the costing of each iteration to be predictable and limited to that phase only. Estimates are provided to the customer prior to each iteration, this allows better understanding in prioritizing the features. It also leads to improved decision making about the need for further addition of new features and iterations.

These are prime highlights of this methodology. Agile custom application development tool allows more flexible approach, predictable delivery, focus on users and business. It is beneficial for both the development team and the client. BluEnt has perfected the process of flexibility and team work, which made us proud with our past customers. Let's collaborate for your next agile custom application development.

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