26 Jul 2018

7 Top Techniques for Better Email Marketing

A good business email marketing strategy can boost the sales and significantly impact revenue growth. What are the email marketing tips and tricks that you can use for your business?

Do you have an effective email marketing strategy? Email marketing is one of the cheapest and best forms of direct marketing. It allows you direct contact with potential customers and through appropriate content you can subtly influence their decisions and choices. Email marketing campaigns are more effective than social media campaigns. It has the element of being a personalized form of communication, which is lacking in the social media public domain. 

Email marketing strategy

What is the most effective email marketing strategy? Unfortunately, there is no one general successful strategy. Each business has different products and services to offer. The types of customers you target are different. You need to identify customers who have a need for your product. This is the first tip to a successful email marketing strategy.

Marketing umbrellas to people who live in the desert is bound to be a failure. Yet, the same product to people who live in a high rainfall area will reap rich dividends. In a similar manner, particular email content may appear attractive to one segment of people, but mundane to another.

There are several email marketing tips and techniques which have proved to be very successful. Using this advice as guidelines can help your business email marketing campaign become successful.

Which tools should you use?

It is important to have the right email marketing tools. There are a number of different email marketing platforms. How do you know which is the right one for your business? Seeking expert advice will prevent wastage of resources and time, and promise quicker results. At BluEnt we can assist and guide you in implementing successful email marketing campaigns.

7 most effective email marketing tips

There is no particular email marketing strategy for success. But, there are some highly recommended tips, which can serve as a guide for a successful email campaign.

  1. Subject line:

    The first thing a person sees in an email is the subject line. Is your subject line compelling enough? Will it make the receiver want to open it? The subject line should be creative and attractive. It is also important to ensure that it is not misleading, or your brand will lose credibility. If the email subject arouses curiosity people will open it. It is worth spending a little extra to get the right subject line, than to let it be the cause for the email marketing campaign failure.

  2. Personalized emails

    Email marketing is a one-on-one type of marketing. The content of your email should have a personalized touch to it. It is not advisable to get too personal, and address people by name. The idea is – the reader should feel that the email was written for them specifically. When someone you know sends you a message, you know it is for you. An email recipient should feel that you understand their need, and are suggesting a product or service as a solution.

  3. Email content matter

    The content of your email should be brief and to the point. Convey essential information without divulging too much detail. Lengthy and descriptive emails can get boring. Very few people are not going to read so much of email content, even if it appears to be interesting. They just want the gist of the matter.

    The email should encourage people to contact you or visit your website for more information, product knowledge or to make a purchase. How do you make your email attractive? Use visuals to make your email look nice. Appropriate graphics can convey more than words can.

  4. Incentives

    One of the most effective email marketing tips and tricks is incentives. What do I get for opening the email or taking a survey?

    Offering incentives is a great way to entice people to read your email and respond positively. Offers, promotions, deals, rewards programs – they all work wonders. You gain a bigger foothold into people's lives and can nurture them to become customers.

  5. Send timing

    The time of day a person receives your email plays an important role on how they will respond to it. Some people like to go through their emails in the morning. They open the important ones and keep the others for a viewing at a later time. Some people prefer to check their personal email in the evening after work. They can relax and read their emails at leisure. An email received during a busy hour may end up being trashed without being opened.

    Studying the individual pattern of different people can help you to classify them into different groups based on their suitable timings and send emails accordingly. This is a big task. How do you do it? BluEnt can help you with analyzing email response and grouping people appropriately.

    Email Device Compatible

  6. Device compatible

    Is your email device compatible? Will it look the same on a mobile as it would on a computer screen?

    It is essential to ensure that your email template is device compatible. The viewer should be able to view the email with proportionate graphics and text on a mobile, tablet or computer screen.

    Device Compatible

  7. Encourage CTA (call to action)

    Encouraging a person to take action after viewing your email is the main intent of email marketing. How do you get a call to action? There are a number of email marketing tips which can be implemented to increase user response.

    Email marketing tips and techniques are easier said than done. Ideally you would need a team of people with different skills for starting successful business email marketing process. Alternately you could consider outsourcing. It is cheaper and produces better results.

    Who provides result oriented email marketing services?


Are you interested in boosting your business sales through email marketing services? How do you come up with an effective email marketing strategy?

For email marketing services contact us at BluEnt. We are well versed in executing successful email marketing campaigns. You can count on us to totally manage your email campaign, including emails lists and email marketing analysis. Call us and let our team analyses your email marketing needs.

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