06 Jun 2017

4 Ways Businesses Benefit From Mobile Application Development

"The idea of prosthetics is a tool. Most people's cell phones are prosthetics. If you leave your cell phone at home, you feel impacted by not having it. It's an important part of your daily function and what you do in a day." – Aimee Mullins From weighing nearly in pounds to being capable of fitting in our palms, mobile phones have come a long way. As has their functionality and usage. Designed to talk on the go, smartphones have become text on the go, read on the go, music on the go and shop on the go.

A recent study by Facebook shows that the average US citizen spends almost 174 minutes looking at their mobile screens every day. Advertisers and marketers from all over the world consider mobile marketing a wonderful tool to boost sales in business. With mobile phones replacing other forms of communication quickly, one can only imagine the wonders having a mobile app can do for your business. Not only will you have a brand face to present your customers, there are numerous other ways in which you can reap benefits of mobile apps:

  • You can provide value-added services to your customers You might be thinking; my business is already flourishing. I have a steady customer base. Why do I need a mobile app? Old school thinking, right? Wrong! Business is all about reciprocating. The more you interact with your customers, the more they interact with your brand. And this is where mobile phone applications come in.Create a loyalty program for your app. Give points to your customers when they interact with your business and your products and then allow them to use these points to pay for products.A shining example of such branding is Starbucks.

    They leverage mobile apps to offer points exclusively to mobile app subscribers. They also allow the users to pay from the app directly. There is a lot of convenience with digitizing and your customers will love the experience.

  • Building a stronger brand image with mobile phone application development A trusting audience is the surest way to get your brand and business up and running. Through business mobile app development, users will become aware of communication with your brand. With regular interaction, you will foster trust. No matter what you sell, if they trust the brand, your target audience would be more open to listening to your sales pitch.Take a look at how businesses across all verticals are gearing up to incorporate mobile app strategies in advertising: Everyone is getting on board. Try speeding ahead before it is too late!

  • Cultivate better relationships with your customers Customer relationship management is no more about face to face communication, sales pitches and customer inputs. No one has time today for this. According to Venturebeat, nearly 2.6 billion people have access to high-end smartphones today. That's double than any advertising strategy will ever aim to target! With a solid mobile presence through a robust business mobile app development, you can be sure of presenting your best anytime, anyplace and anywhere in the world, irrespective of age, location and culture. In fact, the prevailing opinion by the majority of mobile marketers is – mobile apps help improve customer relations.

    Your business is with your customers, always.Consider this, you are sleeping in the middle of the night but someone hears about your app during the middle of the day. Does he send an inquiry on your site and wait to hear back from you? No. he can simply look you up, download your app, order products and services and you can start shipping them when you wake from your sweet slumber.Easy, right? Mobile apps for business are a necessity if your feel customer relations are a priority.

  • Growing profits with mobile apps for business 70% of buying experiences are influenced by the way your customers feel they are treated, per a report by SalesForce. Your profits are exponentially linked with how great the shopping experience was for your customers.Since you cannot take a brick and mortar shop to every single individual, make it happen virtually and reap in benefits. Consumer demand will grow as people start engaging more and more with your business.Sure, a responsive website brings in leads by adapting to any mobile device. But having the app will boost sales as will enhance customer experience. In 2014, 35.4% of sales on Black Friday were done on mobiles, according to Techcrunch.

    A salient example here is that of Dominos.With their mobile pizza delivery app, the business saw a surge of a whopping 28% in UK alone. Today, mobile app ordering comprises more than 52% of their total online orders.Can you spot a trend here? It is no more your choice to have a mobile app for your business, your customers expect you to have one. If you structure your development the right way, you can have steady analytics that feeds you real-time information on how well or bad your business is doing. The intuitive analytics will also show you areas for growth and improvement.

BluEnt has been in the mobile application development domain for more than a decade now. We create mobile apps specific to your business requirements and specialize in creating android, iOS and windows applications. Get in touch today to know more about our services.

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