31 Oct 2017

4 Mobile App Development Mistakes That Businesses Must Avoid

A successful mobile app can significantly help a business in increasing its market share, enhance the customer base and improve the ROI, but, is it so simple to create a successful mobile app.

Well, first of all, you need a winning app idea and an outstanding design for the app so that it's capable of engaging the audiences. But, are these two the only factors that can make an app successful? The success of an app depends on an array of factors, but, most importantly, it requires the developers to follow the industry best practices, proven methodologies and avoid some common mistakes that can affect the user engagement of the app. Here, we are listing the top 6 mobile app development mistakes that must be completely avoided to ensure the development of a captivating and engrossing app.

Using Business Web Pages As A Reference For The App

After developing a successful business website, most businesses and developer assume that if they take the reference for the app from the web pages, they can have a successful app too, but, it's one of the biggest mistakes. A business app, instead of representing the same or similar info, should be focused on delivering some value to mobile users. An app should create a specific value for its users, which is different from what is offered by the business website. For instance, if you offer SEO services or digital marketing services, and your website exhibits your offering, your mobile app, should focus on helping customers with any other information, which can help them understand the significance of SEO, various aspects of SEO and digital marketing and other similar information, so that they can comprehend why it's important to employ an SEO company for their business or blog.

Equipping The App With Too Many Features

Most of us, often, try to populate our mobile app with an overwhelming number of features and these sometimes make the app little complicated to use. While developing the app, one should only focus on the core functionality that they want to deliver with the apps and the functions which overlap with the core functionality. Too many features including the ones which are not often required to make the user experience quite confusing and cumbersome. Also, if viewed from the development perspective, too many features imply additional resources in terms of overall investment and development time. Both these can affect the success and viability of the app.

Developing For Multiple Platforms Simultaneously

Undoubtedly, there are millions of apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play store, and thus, every new app that is on the verge of launch has to compete with a huge number of counterparts in order to attract the attention of its targeted users. So, it's important that you put your entire focus on making the app as user-friendly and as value-focused as possible. But, it's not possible when you simultaneously develop two versions of the app for two different platforms. Even the most successful app developers followed this technique. Both, Pokemon Go and Instagram were first built for one platform, and after the successful launch and acceptance on that mobile platform, the developers went ahead with the development of an app for another mobile platform.

Not Using The Analytics

In today's data-driven world, when there are so many tools available for monitoring the websites and apps, not using one for the mobile app analytics is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make with your mobile app. Analytics facilitates an array of resourceful insights which can be used to improve the user experience and correct any mistakes made during the development. Here, we are listing some of the key metrics which app developers must focus on, and integrate with the app:

  • App Crashes

  • Average Session Length

  • DAU (Daily Active Users)

  • MAU (Monthly Active Users)

  • Retention Rate

  • User Engagement

These are some of the common mistakes which should be avoided while developing the business app. Apart from these, one should also emphasize on thorough testing of the app before and indulge in proper marketing before launching the app to enhance its chances of success. At BluEnt, we have a team of expert mobile app development professionals who excel at developing captivating and tailored mobile apps ideally satisfying their inimitable requirements. Our developers are well-versed with the advanced mobile app development technologies and best practices, and that's how they always deliver the best mobile apps exceeding the clients' expectations both in terms of quality and turnaround time.

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