05 Dec 2017

4 Incredible Ways to Get Users to Fill Out Their App Profile

Data plays a significant role for both app owners and marketers. So, having a complete user's profile

from as many customers as possible helps them to serve their clientele more efficiently. However, getting people to fill personal information has been a challenge as very few people are ever willing to churn out such private details about themselves. They rather uninstall the application than share anything too personal to sign up.

Today we live in a cyber globe that is full of spammers and hackers. This is one of the main reasons for the users to get very apprehensive about sharing the personal data and thus signing up through an app is a huge commitment for them. They worry about why an app would need private information about them and what if the information shared gets abused. This is where the owners and app developers need to ease their apprehensions. They need to give them a clarity on what do users get when they share this personal information. The solution to not getting uninstalled by customers is to break that psychological barrier and answer this question - What are the data benefits, i.e., what they receive in return for leashing out the personal data?

BluEnt gives you 4 amazing ways to get users to share personal information on the app without getting uninstalled

Effortless sign-up via social networks

Time is money – a mantra that everyone swears to today. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have found a way to get users to trust them. No apprehensions there. Getting users to sign in with just one click to your app through these channels can prove to be a winning app strategy. You can get your users to exchange a part of the social profile information on the networks with just one click. This can be seen as an efficient process induced by your app that customers would appreciate. So, having both options – email sign up and social sign up can assist you in getting a higher number of users willing to share social profile information. This is an indeed great way to get you started!

Offering a higher level of security through information

If one of the reasons for taking information means that the data can increase the security of the app and the users – your customers will listen intently. It will encourage them to share the personal information knowing that it is going to protect their account. For example, there are apps that ask customers for the email address and phone number so that they can use the medium to intimate use in cases of a suspicious activity or log in from non-registered sources etc.

Give them something in exchange that they cannot deny

Who doesn't love a great deal or the feeling of accomplishing a goal? Everyone. Well, almost everyone. So, gifting incentives and rewards such as a special discount for the data they provide can lure them in. The more the information, the more the incentive. It works like magic and this helps you serve them better. This ultimately helps you to retain a large number of loyal users. When it comes to goal-oriented apps such as games or workout apps, once the users are hooked, going to the next level becomes an ambition in itself. So getting users to fill some more data and telling them how the details will get them there is the best way to get them to share. Of course, you need to be very clear and promising on how that data will help them in the next few levels and what they get in return.

Ladder it up with more enriched features

Give the users time to play around with your app. Ask for the essentials when they first sign up, not more. They need to get comfortable and form a 'first-stage' connection with your app. Once the users have used your app and they have had a good experience, they can start to trust you. This is when you can give them access to more enriched features by asking the required information. Again, you need to be purposeful on how the required information will help them use the enhanced features of the app better. Ultimately, how it benefits them and you. So, as you can see it's all about building the trust and getting users to become more comfortable with your app. You have to be transparent at all times and the users need to have a perfect reason to share the details required by you at every step. Ladder it up and do not ask for everything at once. BluEnt's expert app development team can help you come up with a great 'step by step' strategy. Connect with us to know more.

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