12 Sep 2017

10 Best Android And iOS Apps For Busy Mums

What do new mums and mothers with toddlers and young kids need?

A lot of sleep, a lot of peace, some shots of vodka, a glass of wine and a personal assistant.

Well, I am kidding about the vodka and wine. But I am serious about the personal assistant. With technology at your fingertips, you don't need another talking human. I know, how much you detest the whole mankind by now. I am talking your phone, a virtual assistant always at your service.

Trust me, gone are the days when you needed big whiteboards in a kitchen and a journal to talk about what to buy and what to cook. You can make your life easier by installing applications which remind you of chores to be done, things to be bought, manage savings and reach out to other moms for advice.

App stores are inundated with versatile parenting apps which remind busy mums of things to do and places to be.

We Picked Out Top Mobile Apps For Mums

  • Cozi

    Often considered among the best apps for moms, Cozi is powerful, feature-packed, and free. It's an all-in-one chore management tool. You can write out shopping lists, create journals, understand upcoming events, and do much, much more with this. It's like Asana and Basecamp, but only for family chore management.

    And you know what the best part is? You can assign every child's name with a colored dot so that you can maintain a 360o view on your family's hectic routine. The application is available for iPhone

  • Shapes

    Kids love bright shapes and they love annoying the heck out of you, especially when you're in the middle of something important. How many times have you tried responding to an email with a curious 1 year old amazed by laptop screen and eager to see how a keyboard works? Or how did the customer order go with your toddler crying in the background as if it was the last day on earth? Combine shapes and crying toddlers and you have a lifesaver. The quiet that ensues is complimentary.

    You're welcome!

    Shapes will entertain and interact with your child and teach him something new at the same time. How amazing is it? The app is free and will keep your young one engaged, while you finish off that email and customer conversation.

  • Manilla

    Are budgeting and financial management scaring the bejesus out of you? Don't worry. Not even the biggest management executives are left untouched by budget management. Top that with a kid and all hell breaks loose. Enter Manilla. Available for Android and iPhone, you can organize your bills, accounts and personal finances in one places. You can keep up with your balances and pending dates, all consolidated in a single place. The app will also send you text alerts for bills nearing their due date. You can now get organized and stop fussing over that stubborn bill stack on your desk.

  • Remember the Milk

    This is another one of excellent apps for busy moms. Remember the Milk works wonders. It will let you juggle everything from a list of things to do in a day and what needs to be completed in the next weeks. You can receive alerts from the app whenever a task is due. You can organize everything and anything with Remember the Milk. Got a play date? Or need to meet a client? Just feed the app all details and never miss out! The app is available for both Android and iPhone.

    Excellent apps for busy moms

  • Picksie

    Considered by moms among the best Android and iPhone apps, Picksie can find out and suggest fun activities for a great family time. You can select from several fun activities around your location. The app, available for Android and iPhone has several features including options for scheduling, reviews and rates for places and an option for buying tickets. The app shows family-friendly places and has an intelligent framework which suggests activities and places based on your past outings.

  • Lose It!

    I had to feature this one among apps for moms with toddlers. The reason was simple. Shedding baby fat is probably the hardest thing in the world. After taking care of the baby, of course!

    But, Lose It! is an awesome app. It is a calorie counter and tracks what you eat with a number of calories that you are eating every day. It also suggests burning off extra calories with activities and offers diet tips. I could go on and on, praising this app, but you probably know about it already. Lose It! is available on both Google PlayStore and Apple App Store.

  • Doodle Kids

    This is another great app for housewives to keep kids busy while they work around the house. Doodle Kids brings out the creative streak of your young one. With the app, they can play around on the screen with their fingers over blank screen or doodle on a photo. Little elder ones can also experiment with brush sizes, backgrounds and colors.

    Mobile apps for moms' doodle kids

    If you love what they create, you can save your kid's creative art to hang on the fridge! Plus, you can play with it too, if you're too bored in a meeting – just saying! *winks*

  • Total Baby

    Feed the baby, wash the baby, dry the baby, play with the baby! Too much baby care making your hair fall off? Don't fret! Total Baby is here to save the day!

    Available for both Android and iPhone, this wonderful mobile application is THE whole package. Literally!

    You can track your baby's feeding schedule, diaper schedule, bathing schedule, sleep schedule and other important baby schedules. You can even take photos and journal entries to keep up with how your baby is growing.

  • Trick or Tracker

    I had to feature this app. I loved how the name sounded. Plus, for the fact that, the app is pretty useful in locating where your kids are. Trick or Tracker has so many good features that you'll end up loving this app. You can set boundaries for your kids to play in, track your child if they have a phone and make sure your kids are safe. The app has an inbuilt, emergency button which can be enabled with a single click. This way, you can know if your child is in danger. Once the button is enabled, a compass also points out home direction to the child. The application is available for both Windows and Android.

  • MomsZeal

    MomsZeal is a community app for mums everywhere. The app connects stay at home mums, working mums, new mums and expecting mothers. You can ask questions, read opinions and know tips on nearly every parenting hassle there is. You can strike up friendships and chat with like-minded mums or arrange play dates if things go well. Quite nifty, isn't it?

    Community app for mums

  • We have all been kids once and we'll be parents someday. Children are a blessing, although you want to bang your head on the wall sometime. Keep your cool with these handy mobile applications. Also, let us know if there's any app that you use and works well for you in the comment. You can also ask us to develop fun mobile application which can help you around the house.

    How about a community app for mommies on the go? Or Daddies Day Out? Write back to us!

    Maximum Value. Achieved.



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