Application Development & Migration Methodology

BluEnt follows a set of proven methodologies for application development and application migration. After receiving the application development requirements, our solution architect kick-off the engagement process by meeting with your project manager/IT professionals. The meetings help both parties to reach a clear understanding of the specifications of the desired application. If the client wants to upgrade the existing application or migrate to a new application, we perform a detailed review and analysis of existing applications to identify current strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Our solution architects analyze the requirements based on the meetings; create the list of desired features (functions) and provide you with a proposal with the workload estimation and the time frame. 

Our designer (UX/GUI) designs the application and our programmer develops a working prototype of the new application in a clickable PDF and HTML file to keep our understanding of the requirements consistent with you. After that, we offer a result report and a blueprint for development. Then, our development team (led by the project manager) starts the software application development according to the plan and time schedule. To reduce bugs, we put efforts on testing after the coding phase.

BluEnt's application migration methodology allows the decision-makers to make realistic decisions, leaving no doubts in mind. Prior to recommending any major investments, our consultants perform a series of technical assessments to reduce any kind of hitches. We review the existing processes, discuss the challenges with respective managers, assess the business needs against specific challenges and then set investment priorities based on the projected ROI.

Depending on the nature of the application, we customize our application development and migration processes. Software development projects are extremely critical in their orientation and nature. Hence, it becomes mandatory that effective communication is established between BluEnt and the client for such projects.

FAQs in Kick-off Meeting Are Mostly Related To:

  • Technology, platforms, and frameworks
  • Pricing model (fixed cost, time and materials, consulting approach)
  • Payment process
  • Timesheet management and timeframe
  • How to integrate third-party technologies?
  • Database migration process
  • Development server to client-server migration
  • Wireframes, style guides, and project documentation needs
  • Who will work on the project?
  • Who will coordinate the project (single point of contact)?

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