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We perpetually endeavor for the top-grade content of the significant quality that will cater to the ongoing interests of our readers. Our blog is persistently visited by the engineers, consulting firms, startups from health care, gaming, social networking, music, weather, entertainment, news, and navigation sector. To be honest, almost everyone in the technology business across the world. So, it's a win-win situation.

However, we need to lay some ground rules to maintain the decorum before we go ahead and get to work instantly without any bewilderment.

Fundamental Guidelines

  • Blog post submitted should be original, creative, and above all plagiarism-less, since we have tools to find the loopholes if any. If plagiarism is found, this might lead to an end of our alliance.
  • Write about something which hasn't been written on our blog page before. Nobody likes to read about the same stuff repeatedly. This also ensures your research about us.
  • Your content post should be around 1000 - 1500 words. However, we would also accept 800 words if the content stands out.
  • Cite your content with the authentic backup via providing relevant reference links. If you are writing about some facts, do your research and explain your stats.
  • We will let you provide one links: Your blog/website/social profile. No other links allowed.
  • Involve relevant images and GIFs(optional) for every topic you write about. This could involve one main image for the blog post and others for the content body (if required to describe the idea further). You can either share the custom-made pictures or screenshots. Do not copy images from the websites or blogs. You may use free licensed images available online without worrying about plagiarism.


  • You should start by sending us an email on sales@bluent.net providing a brief summary of the topic before you want to pen down your thoughts elaborately. Don't forget to attach your bio.
  • Once approved by us, we would ask you to write a blog or an article on it. Once written, you need to send the content as an attachment.
  • The content piece would go to our internal editorial team for review. If it isn't satisfactory as per our expectations, we would share our feedback and request you to make the necessary edits.
  • The edited content (by you) would again get reviewed by our team. It will either get approved for posting or come back to you for the required changes again. We would do this exercise until the content isn't fit for our site. We would support you with clear feedback.
  • Once approved, we would share with you an acknowledgement mail of the content going live on our website.
One file only.
2 MB limit.
Allowed types: doc, docx, odt.

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