10 Jul 2018

World Without Mobile Applications

Is It practical to have a world without mobile applications?

For more than a decade, smartphones are proving to be our friends, in fact, best friends and they are constantly making our lives easier with mobile applications.

We literally have mobile apps for almost everything today. The app developers are constantly working towards the improved versions and simultaneously creating variants of applications to support our daily lifestyle and chores. Moreover, it is predicted that the mobile app industry would reach $100 billion in a couple of years. So, they must be doing something right. Nevertheless, the mobile technology is also considered as a 'procrastinator' by some because it engages people in unnecessary things such as checking notifications all the time, social media apps during work hours or attending random calls at any time of the day.

Whenever we ignore our mobile devices, they constantly send us notifications on everything which is exactly like your possessive bae poking you to get your attention. People think that we are becoming slaves of our own inventions which might be partially true. But that's applied on everything, overdoing things always bring chaos.

Anyway, let's get real and understand this step by step. Mobile phones have become a very crucial part of our lives and its job is to keep us closely connected with each other, be informed about things matters to us and get entertained during those mundane hours. As per the study, every smartphone owner in Canada checks their phone every ten minutes and considered as a compulsive mobile phone checker. Another study observed that one out of ten American people checks their phone at every 4 minutes on an average. We aren't saying that all the interaction is bad, but it definitely needs to be checked.

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So, we thought of exploring a life without mobile apps. You must be thinking that we are crazy, but you got to do what you got to do to prove your point, right? Although it isn't completely possible to abandon your phone in today's age, it can be treated like a dumb phone which allows simple phone calls and text messages. To achieve this, we need to delete all the mobile apps and using no internet.

Brief Narrative of 'Life without Mobile Apps'

  • Confusion is the first feeling, followed by 'no alarm' day. Mobile phones have practically replaced various daily objects in our lives. It becomes horrifying for the user to convert into a non-user. In Canada, the weather is quite unpredictable, and imagine you cannot access the weather app to check the weather conditions. Let's say you somehow managed to check the weather report on the TV news (if you got time) but rushing late for work. Need a cab? You can't use taxi booking apps and ride-sharing apps like Uber or Beck. You got to walk out of your building and catch a cab or a bus if you are lucky which you can't check on Transit app or Google maps. People working as a blogger, a journalist or any other profession for that matter won't be able to access news app or Twitter. You probably should enjoy the newspaper of that day but mostly with the news till the previous.

  • Isolation: We mostly realize the importance of certain things is in their absence. You would be amazed to see how often you speak to your friends and family using instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. You are missing out on your friend's social life using social media apps like Instagram and Facebook apps (which probably is for good) and you obviously can't share your side as well. #FOMO already? Let's say, you'd still live without these things but it's completely going to cut you off from the gatherings and events as you don't have access to your social media page invite or even chatting apps. Like we mentioned before, professions like journalism, blogging, digital marketing and many others would suffer due to less access to Twitter, Canada new app, trending blogs etc. You can fetch most of the news while working on your computer, but as soon as you aren't in front of your screen it's gone. You won't get updates and you are highly likely to miss an important information for your work.

  • Helpless: How you going to make your payments without wallet applications such as Apple pay and RBC wallet in this modern age? Carrying cash and credit cards everywhere? You would need to buy actual tickets for transportation as you won't be able to enjoy the luxury of cashless and contactless payment process for mobile apps.

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  • Annoying: Since you won't be able to enjoy the music app of your mobile phone, you might have to carry that ancient iPod for listening to music. Also, you can't measure your miles of daily walks via fitness apps which are surprisingly motivating you to do a better workout the next day.

We can go on and on about each application available in the App stores. The smartphone has made our lives a lot easier than previous years. It's completely difficult to even imagine living and making basic decisions without mobile apps. We completely agree that the overuse of mobile phones might create a ruckus in our life, but this can be organized by micro changes like limited notifications and no usage while working or spending time with the loved ones. You should know when to put your phone aside and see the world with your bare eyes.

Apple came up with a very creative video on this subject last year and we got really impressed to share it with everyone.

Appocalypse. It was AWESOME, isn't it? We need to develop more mobile apps to make our lives convenient. The technology will never stop and how much ever we criticize, we need to accept this fact and captivate the positive side of it.

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