12 Jul 2017

Working Smarter, Not Harder – Using SCRUM For Application Development

Of late, more and more mobile and web application developers have been adopting the Agile methodology for application development. As part of Agile development methodology, Scrum is an incremental and iterative process which allows customers to modify specifications and requirements at any point in the development process. While there are a wide variety of approaches in Agile software development, Scrum is popular because it is simple and effectively manages processes in the modern tech landscape.

So, what is SCRUM?

Scrum was established by Schwaber, Takeuchi, DeGrace and others in the late 1990s.

The concept behind SCRUM is pretty simple. It has rough process outline and is based on iterative developments.

It has three meeting, three roles and three documents.

The image below explains SCRUM in a better fashion:

While introduced quite earlier, SCRUM did not grow in popularity until software began tilting towards smaller projects such as mobile tech and application development.

SCRUM has a straightforward approach which makes it very appealing for tech teams and managers alike.

SCRUM is highly effective in mobile application development as the requirements change abruptly due to the dynamic pace of innovation. SCRUM is the most effective solution where flexibility is required.

SCRUM aims at achieving the following:

  1. It improves customer service

  2. It helps deliver working software prototype at a rapid place

  3. It fosters teamwork between developers and stakeholders

  4. With SCRUM your team can self-organize itself

  5. You can audit regularly with SCRUM meetings

SCRUM gels with projects that can be segregated into distinct parts based on functionality. The different modules can be delivered in a fixed timeframe, referred to as sprints.

SCRUM is flexible enough for working even with shorter preparation periods. If new changes are received during development, they can be introduced with ease with new sprints

SCRUM Process

Why should one choose SCRUM?

Teams today choose SCRUM because it allows them to get a better estimate of work that a project requires to be done. SCRUM allows teams to adapt easily to the client's requirements and suggestions. It also increases flexibility in the dynamic market space along with transparency.

Simply speaking, SCRUM creates an environment which values skill development and teamwork. SCRUM also unveils the issues of inadequate resources and non-productivity as everyone is expected to work their own weight.

Why use SCRUM for application development?

When projects have longer deadlines, traditional working models with detailed specifications that are defined upfront make sense.

However, web development and mobile application designing are dynamic can change their pace very rapidly. The user expectations, in the beginning, might not be the same towards the end or during the developmental phase. Also, ever-evolving technologies create roadmaps for new browsers, updated mobile operating systems and new competitors.

Scrum has a focus on transparency, flexibility, reflection, sustainability and resource estimation which is in perfect sync with client expectations and organization scaling. Web development companies can only survive in today's world if they adhere to the agile methodology of development.

At BluEnt, we believe in taking up the SCRUM methodology for our custom app development projects and for creating robust and smart mobile applications on iOS and Android.

BluEnt is your one-stop shop for business-specific custom application requirements, scaling and data migratory services.

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