03 Sep 2020

Women Techies Changing the Game in IT

This decade has seen the highest number of women in positions of power and influence in politics, governance, business and technology.

However, women represent only 26% of the workforce in technology. According to Google's January 2015 diversity data, only 18% of its female workforce is in the technology divisions.

annual reportSource: https://diversity.google/annual-report/

Companies like AT&T, AirBnB, and General Electric are partnering with Reshma Saujani of girlswhocode.com to create a workforce that nurtures the women who are interested in exploring a career in technology.

This decision was inspired by a campaign that had been trending on Twitter. Millions of women posted selfies under the hashtag #iLookLikeAnEngineer, describing their jobs in science, technology, engineering and associated subjects.


This campaign challenged perceptions in the industry regarding women engineers.

We decided to take it further and make gender parity a reality for BluEnt. This means that we are not only hiring more women in our tech divisions but are changing our corporate culture to foster an environment that allows them to excel. We believe that some changes in corporate culture will be necessary to include women in the workforce.

BluEnt supports a performance-based corporate culture where measuring standards are defined clearly. This year, we are adding out-of-the-box perks such as flexible schedules and unlimited vacation policy.

These benefits and more are a part of our new HR guidelines. We believe this will go a long way in helping women who have children and related responsibilities.

At BluEnt, we welcome change. We begin our second decade in tech solutions with the vision of creating a more inclusive workforce.

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