23 Jan 2019

Why Android is Preferred Choice for On-demand App Development?

Mobile app users are increasing day by day with the advancement of technology. We all agree that there is a huge market for mobile apps which could be starting from corporate app development to on-demand app development. Let’s dig more on this.

Soon after the innovation of smartphones, the mobile applications came into existence and it never really stopped. The mobile apps have helped in accelerating the popularity of the smartphone culture and now we literally do everything using smartphones.

In today’s time, the competition is in between the two technology giants: Apple and Google. We are the witness that both the ‘Google Play store in Android devices’ and the ‘Apple App Store in iPhones’ are filled with a variety of apps. According to statista, Android users can choose from 2.1 million apps at present and the number is exceeding every day.

The on-demand apps are also expanding its stats as there is a huge caliber in the future.

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Explain On-demand Mobile Apps

Apart from the success of social media and corporate applications, there was an audience which demanded technology for more customized needs. Such apps were the customized mobile solutions which were specifically created on the demand of the businesses and the end users. For instance, a cab booking service would require a tailored app for catering to the demands of the cab using the audience.

The new generation depends completely on their phones to accomplish their day-to-day tasks. So, the on-demand app development opens the opportunity for the service-based businesses and mutually benefit their audience. Life couldn’t be any easier, right

One of the unique and salient advantages of the on-demand mobile app is that it makes the marketing and branding of the businesses (despite the project size and scale) quite easy on the pocket.

The on-demand apps can be developed on a variety of operating systems such as iOS, Windows, Android and many more. However, the maximum number of apps are developed in Android Play store till the 3rd quarter of 2018. What is the reason behind it?

Android was introduced by the company – Google. Google is one of the largest and most successful companies with the best search engine science in the world. This point solely advocates the entire argument. Despite this, we would like to list down the reasons behind the popularity of Android in the on-demand app development.

  1. Better Market Share
    First and foremost, the thumb rule is to initiate researching the target audience. Things like the number of users, demographic, smartphone preferences etc. We already know that Android is clearly winning with the maximum numbers of applications game with other platforms.

    In addition to this, the android based applications have more audience around the globe in comparison to iOS, especially, in the most populated Asian countries like India and China. We have also found its popularity in the South American and European continents. Whereas, the iOS finds its users majorly in North America and Australia.

    Henceforth, it is the smartest decision to start your on-demand app development with the bigger audience.

    You should also not mistake this that you would not find any Android users in the USA, Canada, and Australia. In fact, you will cover the maximum audience around the globe with the Android app platform.

  2. Google App Policies
    It is a well-known fact among the mobile app developers that Google is a bit more inclined towards Android app developers. Apart from the lenient guidelines of mobile app publishing and rejection, the review time taken at the Google Play Store is far quicker. There aren’t any strict terms and policies for the Android app developers.

    For budding businesses and startups, the Android on-demand app development one-time fee is $25 before launching the app, whereas the Apple App store fee can range up to $99/year.

  3. Feature Rich
    Android gives better access to the mandatory features such as ‘GPS’ functionality, integration of ‘Maps’ and ‘push notifications’ in the on-demand apps. Such features have become a necessary route to reach your target audience.

  4. Comfort of Customization
    The on-demand apps are built with the agenda of fulfilling the requirements of the target customers, but these requirements keep changing with upcoming trends. In this scenario, the Android applications are more capable of customizing the ongoing changes in comparison to iOS apps.

    This makes businesses to easily customize their apps and meet the customer’s expectations regularly. If you have happy customers, you would surely get the benefits in the form of higher financial numbers.

  5. Get Data Storage
    Android gives the add-on benefit of cross-platform support and the storage capacity of 15GB. You would be able to store the valuable data in Google Drive. Apart from Google drive, Android app developers can also easily access the cloud storage as it more feasible than iCloud.

    As there could be an immense amount of customer information generated through on-demand apps (also known as big data), the companies utilize android data storage by integrating google drive with their apps.

  6. Google Assistant
    Android allows you the support of Google voice assistant which also gives you access to various data points. This clearly makes Google Assistant much better and efficient than Siri.

    Android users only have to speak the command, and it encrypts the data. This makes the search so much easier for the users in the on-demand mobile apps.

  7. Multilingual
    As the on-demand app development caters the larger size of the audience with the multiple languages because of its B2C nature, the Android platform proves to be a perfect choice. Android gives you the support of more than 100 languages, whereas iOS only supports 34 languages.


Luckily, we are living in an era where people are interested in the on-demand apps for their everyday life. It makes businesses to invest and develop more profitable on-demand apps. This also helps in increasing the number of customers with self-promoting strategy.

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