05 Sep 2019

What Is React Native App Development?


App creation is a task that requires different sets of skills and knowledge of many frameworks to create responsive and usable apps. Before the introduction of React Native in 2015, it used to be a difficult task for budding developers.

React Native solves the problems developers face by providing a platform that allows them to create apps in JavaScript. Such apps will, however, work on different operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows Universal Platform.

What Is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript framework that uses Facebook's JavaScript library. It is a platform for writing, creating, and rendering mobile applications for Android and iOS.

React Native allows developers to use Facebook's JavaScript library to build user interfaces for mobile devices rather than browsers.

An app written in React Native look and feel 'native' because it is developed in a familiar environment - the JavaScript library that is known and loved by all.

Besides, the codes written by developers can be shared between platforms, which makes creating apps for both Android and iOS simultaneously possible.

React Native enables developers to reduce the amount of time and stress involved in creating an app for both Android and iOS platforms. They only have to write codes once on the React Native platform, and the app will be available for both Android and iOS platforms. With React Native, developers can save mobile apps development time.

React Native Framework uses the same code for creating the React Native Android and React Native iOS apps as well as web applications. As a result, developers only need to have a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Besides, React Native is an open-source framework. It is simple, efficient, and quick to create apps on the React Native platform. It is the best platform for developers that specialize in JavaScript because they do not have to learn iOS's Swift or Android-specific Java.

Over the years, React Native Framework has become more popular by providing a versatile platform for developers and resolved the arguments for choosing between Android and iOS development.

And due to its reliability over the years, several giant companies have moved to the platform, among them are Facebook, Instagram, Walmart, Tesla, Airbnb, and Bloomberg.

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What Are the Benefits of React Native?

React Native continues to gain popularity because of several benefits it offers to developers, companies, and application development on the gross. Some of the benefits that React Native Framework offers are discussed below:

  1. Unified Platform

    React Native provides a platform for creating both Android and iOS apps using the same code. Before its introduction, app developers had to learn complex languages in detail for developing iOS app development or Android application development like Swift, Objective C, JAVA, etc. However, with the knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, it is possible and easy to create apps for the two popular platforms.

  2. Building Cross-Platform Apps

    React Native Framework allows developers to build and create cross-platform apps for their clients. This development of the cross-platform is faster and more efficient with React Native because a single code is required for all the platforms. In addition, it is easier and cheaper to maintain these apps because the maintenance is carried out on a single platform and codebase.

  3. Reusable Codes

    React Native allows developers or businesses to reuse parts of components of the code used for previous apps created on the React Native Framework. The codes can be extracted with APIs, and this saves a lot of time and stress involved in developing new apps.

  4. Budget-Friendly

    Clients or businesses with a small budget can have apps created for them for both Android and iOS platforms without breaking the bank. Anyone with the knowledge of front end development and JavaScript can create an app using React Native because it is not overly complicated like other languages.

  5. Easy App Maintenance and Update

    It is easy and fast to maintain or update an existing app on the React Native platform. Developing and publishing apps updates can be done seamlessly without any glitches or hassles.

  6. Effective App Development Process

    Developing an app in React Native is smooth and stress-free. It has intelligent debugging tools and error reporting. Also, developers can use any text editor of their choice for editing JavaScript without being limited to Android studio for Android development or Xcode for developing iOS apps.


What Is the Purpose of React Native?

Several frameworks or platforms are available for mobile app development. Each of these platforms has its specified skills required to develop apps.

In most cases, it is challenging for fresh developers who have to learn new languages to be able to work on those platforms. However, React Native is easy-to-use. React Native has several purposes and reasons to use it for app development and creation.

  1. Faster App Development

    React Native aims to enable developers to complete app development faster. Every developer looks forward to completing the development of apps as soon as possible to save time and reduce cost. React Native allows using the same code for deployment on both Android and iOS platforms.

  2. Simultaneous App Development for Different Platforms

    React Native intends to facilitate the simultaneous development of apps for both Android and iOS platforms. The framework leverages the agility and power of the native environment.

  3. Single Code Base for Different Platforms

    Another purpose that React Native serves is that it provides a single codebase that can be deployed to several operating systems. Also, the components of the completed apps or code can be reused at any time without rewriting the code or recompiling the app from scratch.

  4. Open Source Framework

    React Native is an open-source framework that is compatible with other platforms. Besides, it is available to the community of developers. It also allows writing native module in a similar language and integrating it into the React Native codebase.

  5. Compatibility with Third-party Plugins

    React Native allows and supports third-party plugin integration without any hassles. Plugins with a native can be linked to React Native for improved features, faster loading, and smoother running. Also, it requires less memory to run efficiently.

  6. Simplicity

    The beauty of React Native is its simplicity. The framework reduces the barrier of entry by making each step understand and as easy as possible. It comes with a plain text editor for writing and debugging codes seamlessly. Developers do not have to endure the ordeal of other platforms in terms of writing code.

  7. Community

    React Native has a healthy community of developers. If you have any challenges, you can get help and support of the community. JavaScript and Native enthusiasts can help to fix any problem quickly and also share development skills and the needed tools.

  8. Longevity

    Any software development platform must tend to outlive the developers' apps. React Native has been hugely invested in and widely adopted by developers and giant companies. As a result, the technology can be trusted to last for a long time as the Facebook team intends to invest more in the growth of the framework.


React Native is the cutting-edge app development platform that delivers on its purposes and has impacted the entire mobile community all over the world. Therefore, it is worth adopting for app development.

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