26 Jun 2018

What are Low-Code Mobile Application Platforms and Why do You Need One?

Consider this: There are nearly 120 million businesses in the world; yours being one of the many. According to Appdexa, 69% companies have more than one business mobile app for their business management.

We hope you have one too! Now, sit back and think. Do you own a small business? Can your app compete with the Airbnbs and Instagrams of the world? If not? What should you do?

Go for low-code mobile application development. It quickly creates your app, is pocket-friendly and offers all features that are present in regular mobile app development. Let's dive deep into what low-code development app development for business is all about!

Basics 101: Why do you need low code dev platforms?

Business owners prefer mobile apps because they bring customers and business closer. However, in a world with a startup culture and an entrepreneurial mindset, a new company springs up every minute. It's roughly estimated that there are over 115 million businesses worldwide – that's one company for 60 people. Google Play alone has over 2.2 million apps while Apple App Store has around 2 million apps. It's estimated that Play Store will triple by 2020. So how to penetrate into this giant app sea? Your services might be pretty awesome; you could be on the verge of a breakthrough but if your app and business are not connected, how will you reach out to your target customers? Businesses all over the world are faced with two barriers when it comes to mobile app development: time and money. Whatever may be the company size, budget is always a deciding factor for any new business strategy. Time is the other limiting factor for businesses. The quick businesses decide to be part of the digital transformation, the better revenues they fetch. Today's marketing is all about Survival of the Fittest. Your app should not only look at feature quality, functionality and great User Experience; it should be built and deployed quickly. And this is what defines your brand! And this is where low-code mobile app development fits in!

Low-Code Mobile Application 2

So, what is low code technology?

As the name suggests, this approach to app building does not require building an app from scratch. Low code mobile app development companies have pre-configured modules for any kind of app your business requires and they readily create an app with all essential business branding elements with these modules at the core. Since you get an app which is not made from scratch, your work gets done without burning a hole in your pocket, building an in-house development & maintenance team and without long, tiring meetings. If you ask Sajeel Khanna, SVP, BluEnt, "Low-Code is game changer!" Not convinced? Call us today to schedule a meeting with Saj to find out what more low-app development can do for your business!

So, how does Low-code do what it does for high-quality mobile solutions in lesser time?

By concentrating on 3 key areas:

  • Visual development is focused upon

  • Business process streamlining

  • Simplified system integration

  • Enhanced customization with Visual Development: Since the core of the app is already developed, the focus becomes the aesthetics of the app. Developers create interactive and responsive interfaces for app compatibility with all devices, pixel densities and screen-sizes. Visual elements ensure that the app has beautiful aesthetics while having powerful features to give seamless cross-platform experience to users.

  • Streamlining business workflows with low-code app development: Low-code platforms offer single control point for scalability, app maintenance and software upgrade. Little DevOps is required which is why low-code platforms streamline the business processes! This way, an ecosystem with enhanced governance, insta-scaling and security is created, helping your business to stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Simplified System Integration: Although considered a minor, system integration is a key functional area where low-code app development platforms have proved themselves, time and again. Developers can integrate visual elements with third party systems for creating unified processes.

Low-Code Mobile Application 3

Features of Low-Code platforms

Best low code app development platforms include technology which boosts your business with enhanced technology by decreasing the time and money required for building, deploying and maintaining powerful enterprise apps for business. And all of this is possible with its feature-rich interface. Some of these are:

  • Visual Models: The processes in app development can be expedited with visual representations; which make it easier for developers to grasp application design.

  • Drag-and-drop interface for quicker launches: Writing code from scratch is not only time-consuming but also tiring. Low-code development platforms have pre-configured modules which can be assimilated into new app's system with a simple drag and drop; thereby decreasing time to launch your new app.

  • Insta-mobility: Low-code apps follow a simple mantra: Build here; Deploy everywhere!As smartphones penetrate even the lowest strata of society, developers are increasingly pressured to create applications with standard cross-platform functionality. Low-code development platforms allow for this to happen automatically without the need for any extra coding, effort, time or resource. You can create apps for iOS, Android and web in a single go. This is possible as low-code platforms create a common language for all three operating systems and the time you save here reflects directly on your company budget.

    Low-Code Mobile Application 4

  • Security and ease of scaling: In its nascent stage, low-code development was focused on less-critical abilities. Today, it caters enterprise-grade requirements. The best platforms have all security permissions in place and proven experience with large scale projects!

So what do you get with Low-Code app development?

  • Digital Transformation: Gone are the days when IT used to be just troubleshooting. Today, businesses and IT must work together to create modern and powerful solutions which are business and customer friendly. Low-code app platforms provide such transformation to take your business places!

  • Improved agility: Low-code apps help organizations become more agile in the long-run. Visual elements and the ability to drag and drop allows apps to be created relatively much quickly. Combine this with automated testing and voila, you got yourself building apps at Flash speeds!

  • Reduced costs: When you can create apps in lesser time, the costs automatically decrease. Also, the long-term maintenance costs reduce too, since you require far fewer developers for maintaining.

  • Higher productivity: Low-code development allows apps to be created in lesser time. Real innovation is no longer a barrier and app can now be created within days!

  • Higher customer engagement: Low-code development means you can focus on engaging your customers to your app rather than spending time with developers. With apps that get built and deployed quickly, your business can adapt to market changes in a better manner.

To sum up, low-code platforms offer more in less with quicker turnaround times on market release. When you combine the power of low-code with experienced developers at BluEnt, you get apps which function on a visual, model-driven environment; offering speed and efficiency at almost no extra costs! Call us today for a free consultation!

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