08 Apr 2021

How a Great Website Design Can Boost Sales For Your Consulting Business

Website design isn't just there to look pretty. It's there to get leads and drive sales.

38% of Internet users will close a website if the layout or content are not attractive. 88% are less likely to come back to a website after a poor experience. And 47% expect a maximum loading time of two seconds. (To understand the effect of that – websites with slow loading cost retailers 2.6 billion USD every year.)

Over 65% of the entire world uses the Internet. If you haven't got your business a usable website yet, it's probably a good idea to look into jumping onto the bandwagon.

Here's why.


Consulting businesses are often governed by individual skill sets, talents, knowledge and solutions.

A consulting business website should showcase this uniqueness and give strong reasons to choose them over their competitors.

The experts at BluEnt, a website development company, have highlighted some benefits of business website development and how it can take your consulting organization to greater heights.

Get new clients

Forget cold calling and frantic networking. You and possibly also your employees don't have the time to be engaging in traditional marketing methods.

Your website design and development should be one of the keystones of your marketing strategy. It should be generating leads and sales without you checking in every day. It should be your usher, your sales agent, your advertiser, and potentially your cashier.

A great website design, especially with animations and videos, will help you obtain more clients than you ever had before. (And you can also appeal to your older, loyal clients with clear advertisements of benefits, coupons, etc.)

Consolidate all your information

Perhaps your business has a blog. Perhaps one of your managers wrote a book relevant to your company. Perhaps you're listed on Yahoo.

That's fine. But it could be better.

Custom web design will offer your clients a better user experience (UX) by showcasing everything you've got in one place. It will also allow you to track your own information more easily.

Showcase your value proposition

A website will help you to separate yourself from your competitors, especially through graphical and video representations. It can give an insight into how the services offered by the new firm are different and more alluring than others.

A bigger picture of your story

Your website design will be an opportunity to display who/what you are to your clients, including your business "personality". It is a space for you to express yourself, to add a personal touch for your clients to feel more connected with you.

It will be one of the first places where your potential clients will learn about your business' journey, products or services, and brand. It will present your case studies and testimonials. It will collect and explore your clients' and users' pain points and help you do better work.

Make sure the web design company you hire bears this in mind!

Building strong relationships with clients

Your website will give you a chance to interact virtually with potential clients.

This can be done by introducing user to quality content, sending emails post registration, and/or giving them the option to sign up for newsletters to stay up to date on your business news or blogs.


If you've read till here, you're probably invested in making a great first impression on prospective clients and in increasing the loyalty of your older ones through website design.

Lucky you, BluEnt can help make that happen.

Our designers have worked with several consulting firms and successfully created, updated, and organized unique and visually appealing websites.

We build dynamic, user-friendly and responsive websites. Our goal is to offer your clients a rich UX and visual environment that will add value for them.

Ready to get more leads through an established web design firm? Contact us now!

Maximum Value. Achieved.



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