04 Oct 2016

Website Design Trends That Are Driving The eCommerce Industry Forward

The eCommerce industry is gigantic and widespread. It is fast-changing and flourishing at an exponential rate. Online shopping has become a popular activity amongst all the consumers in every part of the world. There is an online retail shop for almost everything, from clothes to the grocery to furniture to gadgets and many more. The online stores offer a huge variety of selections for their customers to choose from. As long as the consumers have Internet access they can shop from anywhere. The stores ensure that the products are home delivered in a stipulated amount of time. In every online store, there are innumerable choices available online for consumers.

Hence, it is necessary for the stores to stay ahead of the curve. The main focus for the eCommerce industry is to provide a superior quality products, great customer service, and a well-designed website.

All the three elements are equally important if you want to stand out and find success. Designing the website is significantly important. If your website is shoddily designed and not up to date with the current trends it might affect your sales. With so many options available to the consumers they have built high expectations and become very selective. So your goal when designing or updating your website should be to create an incredible first impression. So many rocking websites are leaving consumers amazed that they keep them coming back for more. These websites have made it to the overnight success stories. Here are the trends you must incorporate if you want to be a part of that success.

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Converting occasional users to loyalists To create a quintessential shopping experience for your consumers you must understand consumer psychology. This will help you in interpreting what your clients will respond to. Crafting a design that is user-friendly and yet will create a unique experience is significant for your business. You need to play around with visuals and stories to get their attention.

Consumers need a breathing space Do not clutter your website with unnecessary information and visuals. Keep some white spaces to allow your visitors to comprehend what is there on your site. Too much content and pictures can create confusion and drive your clients away. Create a chic and clean look. Take 'Flipkart' for example, there is enough white space in between the different products and its descriptions that allow visitors to breathe and hold their attention.

Create a card-based layout It is important to ensure that you create a layout that is convenient for your customers. The first look of your products will automatically generate a response. Hence, if you have a 'Pinterest' like layout, which is neatly arranged and visually appealing it will draw greater attention. Card based designs enable the consumers to explore the products more easily.

'Hero Image' – make them go 'Wow' Many e-commerce sites such as Jabong or Amazon have successfully created hero images showcasing offers, promotions or new products. Whenever consumers come across a large and an attractive image they want to stop and take a second look. This is what you must build for your website. You need to create the perfect scene by using images, colors and tones that creates a staggering visual flow and stands out. Colors play a significant role in attracting consumers. People can get easily influenced if you use the colors intelligently, creating texture and tone that gives the maximum impact Beauty at its best Buyers depend on the quality of the image to give them a real impression of your products. A beautiful high-resolution image engages for consumers than outdated pixelated ones. A lot of retailers have been showcasing large photo high quality photographs of their products from all the different angles. Product photography is the only way to impress customers. It will help you to live up to their expectations.

The 'Parallax Effect' – create a great story The parallax effect has a great platform for story telling. It creates multiple backgrounds and helps in developing a fantastic 3D effect. There are many ways of using the parallax effect. One such way is using a card layout – showcasing a large product image and a few stories around it. You offer star quality products and excellent customer service but losing out to your competitors.

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