28 Mar 2017

Redesigning Social Network: Impact of UX Design

UX is becoming a very significant element for success in the online world. Every user's demand for a great experience colored with simplicity is growing.

Brands are being pushed to create an exceptional experience for their consumers. The UX designers are developing novel ways to create a more engaging and coherent experience for their consumers.

Looking back 5 years and counting, we have witnessed a rapid change curve in the UX design. From having more screens such as smartphones and wearable technology to the experience becoming more personalized and customized to a user's past behavior and preferences.

The social network is considered to be a great platform for all users around the world to communicate easily irrespective of the distance and time.

There are a number of social networking sites that can be categorized into generalized and specialized ones. While the generalized ones target a wider audience range and display multiple functions, the specialized ones cater to a niche target audience such as writers or mothers or solo travellers et al.

If you have a social media site then you already know that social network is governed by three main principles. Every UX designer must adhere to these when working on the design:

  • Social network is a community that allows its users to be both silent and interactive.

  • The communication is based on user-generated content. All consumers are given various features to create that content. Content is a key factor in creating a ripple effect and connecting people.

  • Not all users of social network are highly-tech

Here are 3 elemental ways you can transform your social network site:

Delivering what your consumers expect: then exceeding those: As we discussed earlier, the design trends keep changing at a rapid pace. Every year there is something new to tap in the UX world. In the 'social' zone we see a higher level of evolution when it comes to your consumer's needs and expectations.

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It is crucial for social network sites to stay abreast these latest trends. To understand what exactly your audience wants and to keep pace with their evolving requirements you can use analytic tools or programs. It will give you an insight into your consumer's behavior and preferences providing you with an opportunity to address them exhaustively. The key to success is exceeding their expectations.

Make navigation easy: not every user is a tech-geek: One of the principles of any social network site is that not all users are high-techs. Keeping this in mind, you must ensure to keep your website layout simple and easy to maneuver through.

It should be self explanatory, easy to use and compatible with all browsers and screens. This will get you more registrations. No consumer is going to spend time 'learning' how to use your media site.

Social sharing tools: make it stand out Using a social sharing tool that is distinctive and interactive will help your network to increase the number of social shares. Placement of these sharing tools is also significant. To increase visibility it can be added to the header and footer of your social network. It will also allow your network to stand out from the rest. Incorporating the latest trends and delivering what your users like and prefer will make them stay on your site for a longer period.

The key to create a great experience for your consumers is - meeting and exceeding their expectations to show them that they matter. Whether you are a social network newbie building your very first social media site or you already have one that needs more visibility – connect with us.

BluEnt a website development company can help you work on UX designs, which will create a memorable experience for your users.

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