13 Jul 2018

Top 4 Reasons Your Store Needs an eCommerce Website to Make Profits

With mobile phones becoming smarter, the e-commerce industry has witnessed a 36.8% increase in online sales. Enterprises who are giants are also adopting the e-commerce website development strategy. Shunning the traditional ways is not necessary but keeping pace with the new technology avenues like e-commerce is a must.

Shopping website development has witnessed a steady growth over years but some enterprises are still struggling to make a groundbreaking presence. The challenges will not budge but e-commerce marketers can always stir the strategies to find out what will work for their target audience.

Evolving at a drastic pace, only those who understand the industry well and develop well-thought strategies can generate more revenues. The year 2018 is about to witness a steep upward growth in eCommerce; let us understand why you need to be part of the eCommerce website tribe.

Advantages of Omnichannel Marketing

Evident from the name, Omnichannel marketing is all about developing a uniform brand image and offering the customers a unified experience. Right from the desktop website to the responsive website the customer must feel a strong brand impact in a similar fashion.

Understanding the ecosystem of Omnichannel marketing is a must before you start reaping the benefits of ecommerce website. A simple example could be if you offered a customer discount vouchers, he must be able to redeem them across your store, App, and website. Your brand can accumulate massive brand value by adopting to Omnichannel marketing.

Informational content that brings traffic

Content has been proclaiming itself as the king of digital marketing. If it is not bringing you results, you are doing something wrong. A consistent flow of informational content across your multiple marketing channels will make you a popular face in the e-commerce space.

Ads and traditional marketing have lost the hold over consumers. Offering the customers valuable information, you develop a relationship of trust and leadership. Understand your target audience well before you develop the content and answer their queries in the most advertising manner.

Integration with social media

With Facebook having 2.04 billion active users, there could be no better place to market your products and services. Although we have witnessed a significant decline in the organic reach, you can still run adverts and make your content or Ads reach billions of targeted users with focused ecommerce website growth.

The Google Algorithm also ranks the optimized social media pages that offer informative content higher on the search engine. Linking the visual content to the landing page helps you divert the social media traffic to your website for better engagement. 

Exceptional browsing experience

A responsive website is not just a trend, they are a requirement to offer a best navigational experience for e-commerce websites. The catalog, cart, payment gateway must all be easily navigable whether it is a desktop website, mobile website, mobile application or ecommerce web design.

The product images, image zoom and features of products need to be easy to find and browse to ensure the customer gets an in-store purchase feel.  Payment gateways must be secure and rate of successful transactions must be more than 90% so that the customers keep coming back to the sale portal.

Abandoned cart reminders

As a kind of retargeting technique, your portal or App must be capable of reminding the customers that their cart still holds the products of their interest. The reminders can be sent over emails or a push notification on the mobile App to avail benefits of online shopping store.

A little diversion to the same e-commerce strategy analysis would be offering a discount to the customers who abandoned the cart last time. The smart tools integrated to the App or website can identify if the customer or interest in a particular size and your portal had run out of the size, a reminder notification could be sent to rope the customers back to the cart.

Call to action buttons

A simple "Buy now" message has been found enough to encourage the customer to make a decision. Easily locatable and a button in vibrant color adds a sense of urgency in the customer. Creative and short messages work better to make an instant buy decision.

Year 2018 is about to witness a huge upsurge in eCommerce sales only for those who will be working on a defined strategy and that too consistently. The competition is fierce and it is the right time to revamp your e-commerce strategy and implementation.

The dominance of e-commerce has not been witnessed to its full potential yet that means you and your strategy can still take a lion's share of the market.

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