09 May 2019

Top Tips to Solve Common Pain Points in Custom Software Development

Custom software development is not as smooth sailing as some people expect. There are the unexpected glitches which arise when you least expect them. Being forearmed is the best way to avert or tackle these software development issues.

Custom software development has become an indispensable part of the industry. But it has it fair share of problems too. Designing the software is the easy part. The development process and the dealing with the associated pain points is another story.

You're probably wondering what the pain points are? Like everything else, there is the undesirable side to custom software development as well. The things that no one like to talk about in the open. It does make them go away but it does a great job of camouflage. Customized software is the best solution for a business.

Now you're probably wondering if this underlying problem exists, is there a solution? There are ways and means to get around it. We are going to look at some of the helpful tips that can help us avert any major inconveniences. These are a few guidelines on precautionary measures and solutions that have been tried and tested.

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Basic factors for custom software development

There are some foundation factors which should be implemented to ensure seamless custom software development. Understating these can help to ensure that your custom software development process proceeds smoothly.

  1. Requirement: Assimilate the software requirements before embarking on the development process.

  2. Design: The design of the software becomes easier once the requirements are outlined. These features can be incorporated in to the software design to be adhered to during the development stage.

  3. Development: The development is the main part of the process. The development should be assessed at various stages to analyze if any changes are needed. Reflecting back on the design and the requirements is helpful.

  4. Testing: Is the quality of the output as expected? At the testing stage you can assess if the software has turned out the way you expected or if it needs some modifications. This may take you back to the requirement stage - to reassess.

While these are the crucial steps for custom software development there are many problems encountered during the process. What are these customer pain points and what are the best ways to resolve them.

Custom Software Development

Tips to resolve custom software development problems

Being prepared is half the solution in itself. So what are the issues that could arise to hamper your project?

  • Unclear Vision: A common problem that arises in custom software development is the ambiguity of vison between the developer and the project leadership. Everyone involved in the project including the investors and the managers need to be in agreement. All the stakeholders should be clear about the basic specifications and function of the custom software. It is essential to select a developer with a similar vision. This will help to solve the main issue.

  • Communication gap: Nothing can be as detrimental to a project as a communication gap. When the all the leadership do not communicate their interests clearly, it affects the software development process. Outlining the project and discussing the details before commencing with the development is essential. Involving the software development team in these discussions will ensure that the project will take shape according to the plan.

  • Integration: Integrating other software into the custom software could be a problem. This s especially true for third party software used to gather and transfer data. To overcome the integration issue, connectors like Eloqua or Marketo can be used.

  • Source Code: A software development company develops your custom software. The source code for your software is not yours, the final product is. If you want the source code you will have to work out an agreement with the development company at the onset.

Software Development

  • Development Team: The team of software developers should be defined at the start of the project. Adding people later on, to speed up the project, leads to a shoddy completion job. Ensure that all the team members are a part of the initial discussion, and that they are all on the same plane.

  • Time delay: Delay is one of the most common problems with custom software development. The developer is only partially responsible. Making changes in the software specifications is the main cause for delays. When you are not clear about what you want the development team puts your project on hold rather than working without proper direction. Time delays can be averted with attentive participation.

  • Development cost: As we've seen above the software project takes many turns during its development stage. This leads to time delay and additional work to incorporate all the changes. The initial quote may not cover most of the changes and the cost for delay. You should keep in mind that the final cost of the software development will vary. It could be anywhere from 40% to 60% more than the initial quote.

Does this mean that you should opt for off the shelf software?
- Certainly not.

Custom software may require you to cross multiple hurdles and before it is complete. But going through the ordeal of literally pulling your hair out in frustration is worth the final price.

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A good software development company can help ensure that all the key points required for the software development are clear before starting. This will help to keep the timeline and control the additional costs. It is always a blessing to have a solution provider company around. BluEnt is at your service to dissipate your fears and apprehensions. We are a software development company in USA with an experienced team of software developers .

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