21 Sep 2016

The roadmap to building an undefeated Mobile App

Today, mobile apps are being globally used for every activity. People want to order food? They have multiple options – from restaurant specific apps to delivery service apps like Zomato or Swiggy. They want to make a quick bank transfer while traveling? All the banks now have a mobile version.

They love books but have run out of space to store them in their house? They can now own an online library on kindle. The app market targets all kinds of people, from health conscious to those who believe in astrology to those obsessed with making a to-do list every morning. Let's face it – apps have changed the way in which we function.

The app industry has taken a giant leap with smartphones surpassing the computers. If you want be at par with this revolution, creating a mobile version for your webpage is not just an option anymore, it's a necessity. There are about a million apps that exist today but there are only a handful of apps that are being used by customers on a daily basis. Users do not like flooding their phone with too many apps; they go for the top ones in the category. So you maybe the fifth best in the category, but it doesn't help your business if you are not a keeper. Hence, it is quite a challenge to build an app which is successful and amongst the Top 25 apps. We are not stating this to discourage you from attempting to introduce an app. We want to ensure that you are aware of the parameters on which these apps are rated as successful and hence strive to achieve it. We are here to assist you in creating an app that not only gets noticed but also generates revenue. Users download apps quite frequently, so even if they do notice the app and it gains publicity – how many customers actually use the app and not discard it post downloading? Your goal should be in designing an app that makes it very hard for your customers to get rid of. Building a mobile app is easy – it has less coding, simple graphics and low spectrum of features. But this is what makes it more challenging for companies to bring out an app that flourishes in the app market. Here are some ideas that you should consider when building a successful mobile app.

Think Big – create a unique value Building a mobile app for your service is not similar to adding a new category to your brand portfolio. It is about re-designing your entire portfolio, all over again. It should feel like a new, invigorating brand. There are so many companies offering the same portfolio or service as you. The way to make yours stand out is by making your app look and feel amazing. You need to make it unique and ensure that it satisfies the need of your customers. Your app should aim at solving problems that a large number of people face today. Today the most successful apps offer solutions their users cant find in other places. Hence your app should have a specific use. Don't make it good enough - make it exceptionally good.

Unique but simple – build a great user experience Yes, you need to focus on making it different but do not create a complex app.  Your users should not struggle for an hour to get things done on your app because then you are not making their life simpler. The user experience is very important if you want your app to be successful. People need apps that are simple and quick. They require the app to help them solve problems in a less amount of time. Your visitors should be able to figure out how to use the app and get things done in a few seconds or minutes without any guidance. Keeping it simple will broaden your target audience and the number of users.

Marketing Strategy – gain visibility Your marketing plan should have three phases – pre-launch, launch and post-launch. You need to get people to start talking about it before your app is even introduced in the market. Create a profile page on all social media networks. Start creating a hustle amongst the audience. Post a few interesting blogs addressing the problem you are solving for your audience. You can even share interesting and offbeat graphics, articles or short surveys to gain their attention. When you launch it, ensure you put up amazing screen shots of your app and give an outstanding app description. Post launch, you can use the social media sites to gain feedback on your app. You can use this to build and introduce a fantastic upgraded version.

User engagement – generate a viral mechanism Engaging the users is very crucial. People depend on their phone when they are bored. So your app should maximize the entertainment value and have the ability to keep customers deeply engage. One way of engaging them is by using the 'Gamification' techniques - offering them rewards or bonus points that would motivate them to keep using the app. You can use push notification and in-app messaging to enhance engagement with users. You can also enable social sharing – users can share it with their friends and social media networks. This will allow you to gain more customers through one. People get more excited about apps and enjoy using them more if their friends are using it too.

Multiple Platforms – ensure utmost user acquisition It is extremely essential to design your app for the all the mobile platforms available today. Android is considered to be the most used platform in the global market. However you will lose out on a huge number of users if you do not target iOS or windows user. Always remember, every user counts.

Set formal metrics – access the success of your mobile app Developing and launching your app is just the first step. If you want to make your app a 5 star mobile app, you need to measure the right metrics. It is important if you want to keep a tab on how your app is performing and impacting your business growth.

A free version and a full-feature paid version It is not wrong to charge for your app but there are two things you must keep in mind. Firstly, people will not purchase your app unless they have an experience of how fun and great your app really is.  Secondly, if your app is priced more than the competitors, people won't buy it. So introduce a free version, let your users get the feel of the app. If they enjoy it and find it really useful they will come for the paid version but only if it is priced lesser or similar to other apps. Thinking of creating a successful 5-star mobile app but don't know where to begin? Contact us. Tell us what constitutes success for you. With the support of our skilled app developers we will assist you in building an outstanding and a successful app.

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