17 Jan 2017

The Magazine Model: To Digitize or Not to Digitize?

We live in a world that eats, sleeps, and talks technology. Most of the tasks are done online today– from booking an appointment with the doctor, booking a bus ride or studying a course from a foreign university. Everything is on our fingertips. In short, technology rules our everyday life. There was a time when some people were employed to be 'newspaper boys' – delivering newspapers in and around the neighborhood on a regular basis. If they didn't deliver, we would miss out on the excruciating details of the latest entertaining or blasphemous news.

Today, the 'newspaper boys' still exist but are not deemed to be as significant anymore.  Newspapers have gone online. People don't wait for news to appear at their doors anymore, they go online instead. Similarly, with technological advancements such as a kindle or other apps invented to read books online and newspaper apps that shoot the most important news of the day to the phone screen, physical magazines  are struggling to retain customers. With consumers glued to their phones 'on the go' and desktop when in office, creating an online magazine can be an exceptional moneymaking strategy. The only time you would see a consumer leafing through the pages a magazine is when they are waiting for someone and a magazine is within their reach, that too, if their phone battery has died out. However, only these reasons, do not justify that your business needs to develop an online magazine. There are many more factors to consider before you start designing a magazine model. Here are the elements that will reiterate the need for an online magazine and help you formulate an undefeatable strategy.

It's a trend: stay with it Creating online magazines is the newest trend. Many businesses have already profited by taking their magazines online. It has allowed them to reach out to their 'targeted and beyond' potential users. Also, consumers often subscribe to these online magazines to read the latest updates through their emails. Key to information gratification: moving at the speed of light You remember the newspaper boy? It doesn't matter anymore if he turns up or not. People are not desperately waiting at their doorstep to read about the new developments in a murder case or the demonetization process. They find the latest updated news online – the moment there is fresh news that very second they get to devour it via Internet. How can print meet this expectation? It takes more than two-three weeks to even get the printed content rolling. By taking your magazine online, you can meet this expectation and believe me it is much easier to make the required updates and deliver quick information to your target audience.

A 'smart' way to absorb content As mentioned before, one of the most crucial reasons that you can't overlook is, user's undying love for their phones and tablets. Look around you, millions of people waiting in a line or traveling or eating meals, are constantly 'finger tipping' on their gadgets - reading being one of the chief pursuits here. So businesses need to take advantage of this behavior and target their readers and followers. Don't forget, by keeping the online content interactive and visually appealing, you will attract more users and stimulate greater engagement.

Don't stop at the web, take it to the app There are uncountable advantages of designing an app for your magazine. Your readers can access it on various devices as per their liking. You have the option to send push notifications to their screen whenever you add a new article or make an update. It becomes effortless and facile process to stay connected with your consumers on a regular basis.

Building a stimulating experience for your readers Simply replacing the print version of your magazine with an online or app version won't help. Yes, it will attract users but will it be successful at retaining them? This is where designing your web/app magazine plays a crucial role. The online magazine needs to be visually appealing and of course interactive by adding clickable links or interesting videos. You want readers to subscribe to your online magazine or allow push notifications – you need to create an idiosyncratic experience to lure them. These are personal options that your readers have and at the end of the day it's a reader's choice. As you now understand the importance of taking your magazine online, and even more vital than that, designing your online magazine.

BluEnt has grand experience in making the most captivating, glamorous and engaging digital magazines. Leave us a message if you want to be a part of this deep-rooted trend. You won't be sorry. Maximum value. Achieved.



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