27 Dec 2016

SEO in a snapshot: The epoch of keyword optimization is dying out

SEO, a judicious marketing tool, is being used by many businesses and industries today to attain a qualified group of leads and consumers.

It is said to have a better ROI than other almost-historical platforms of marketing such as print or television advertisements. There are enormous benefits of creating a brilliant SEO strategy. It provides a high level of business visibility, ROI, web traffic, branding, credibility and a significant insight into consumer behavior. It is important to note that Internet is a gigantic place. It is duck soup to have your website swimming into oblivion. As we have talked about it before, having a magnificent good-to-launch website and every reason imprinted as to why people should choose your product or service is not enough. Unless your business has a strong SEO strategy, it is going to be tough to attract potential consumers.

If you formulated a SEO strategy for your business 5 or more years ago, it's time to catch up on the latest updates. When SEO as a marketing strategy appeared on the horizon, considerable amount significance was given to 'keywords'. Businesses would need to do a thorough keyword research to see where they stood against their competitor. It would also allow them to analyze the amount of traffic the researched keywords. This helped them to choose those few target keywords to use in the Meta title, Meta description, body content and even external links. However, there has been a significantly notable change in search engine optimization. Since, search engines were bombarded with over-optimization and keyword stuffing, Google with its semantic search ability managed to put more emphasis on content. Selecting key topics has gained higher relevance. Though target keywords are seen to be practical, it is not consistent. It is very easy for your competitors, by using long tail keywords, to rank above you. If this trend continues, with 'keyword stuffing', your website will be lost in this enormous Internet space. Let's look at the 3 elemental reasons for adopting 'topics over keywords' SEO strategy:

Google pushing for content with semantic relevance Google, our top search engine, has been one of the main reasons behind this change in the SEO world. Google relentlessly works at creating a positive experience for its consumers. The focus is always 'people' and their 'experience'. Thus, Google is optimizing search results on basis of what the consumers find most useful. Their aim is now to create the greatest experience according to what the potential consumers feel is the most brilliant experience. Content with semantic relevance achieves this most efficiently. Hence, the significant element here is to understand the target audience and generate quality content based on what they want. This will allow in establishing your business on the topmost point in the lists of experts.

Content is crucial in naturally housing keywords If you want your chance to get the top most ranking from Google, the most essential step is to stop 'keyword stuffing' and to start creating excellent content that naturally houses keywords. This is where theme-based SEO plays a fundamental role. A theme-based SEO is a basic formula that works around serving up topics for the users. The focus is to create an overall keyword topic or theme.

Target your target audience: Keywords create restrictions Keywords or phrases can create unmerited or overlapping information hence causing confusion. Consumers want content that is informative, engaging and help them to gain something from it. So by understanding and addressing the kind of consumers that are interested in your topics can be a great traffic driving strategy. It feels like we are sermonizing when we put our concentration on the target audience. In every marketing strategy our target consumers form the essentials for a successful business. Similarly, in SEO strategy, they are the utmost determining factor because if they don't care for the content, then all the efforts go to waste. So here is the chant to gaining more potential consumers: Keywords or even long trail keyword phrases don't throw any light to your content - the clear focus in topics. Are you feeling slightly foggy by this new and more intense SEO marketing strategy? As luck would have it, you have BluEnt. Contact us today. We have professionals who are here to do the work for you.

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