11 Jul 2017

The Chasm Between Web Design And Web Development

Corporate culture functioning or we may say, web culture changes slightly every few years which reflects directly on a working style and responsibilities of a web designer and developer.

Broadly, the web designers and developers should be part of the same team, though it totally depends on the size and working culture of the organization they are in. Let's discuss their individual roles more clearly to understand the gap.

Website design company's sole purpose is to design a website look and give it a visual aesthetics and usability

Designers get direct or indirect storyboard to create the visual design.

The prime concern of a web designer is always to get the right look of the website and the customer's smooth interaction with it. It is also commonly known as a User Experience (UX).

Some common skills which differentiate web designers to developers are graphic design, layout design, information visual flow, placing call-to-action buttons, color scheme, typography etc.

Website Designers are concerned much more than the 'good looks' of the website, they plan about what user sees on their computer, mobile or any device by designing the website interface, this is also referred as UI (user interface).

An individual who has strong intuition and great aesthetic skills would be a web designer. Web Developers take charge in the situation after the completion of the design.

Web development leads further by adding codes which operate the website. It is divided into two parts: front-end and back-end. Front-end developer starts with the visual design of the website and builds it in code.

Most commonly HTML is used to structure the website and CSS or JavaScript to create the visual styles and layout. Back-end development focuses on the data management and codes that interfaces with the database to display the front-end development. It helps in creating features like ecommerce shopping cart to connect with the payment gateway. Web developers job is to bring the mock-ups and designers designs to life.

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An individual with the logical mindset, technically strong and has linear thinking is apt for this profile. Web designing and developing are two separate processes for a functional website, yet they overlap in many areas.

Let's understand the real-time difference between web design and web development

In most of the companies today, the interaction among web designer and web developer team is very minimal.

The designer would hand over the complete design file to the developer without any communication. This leads to back and forth feedback emails which eventually waste time and creativity at both ends.

This gap can be minimized by making few changes in the working culture and mindset as follows:

  • Developer's involvement from the start:  We usually involve developers post the designing stage, this brings friction in ticking all the features of the design right. Even if you are working on very simple software like photoshop or illustrator etc, taking their insight on how to structure and design would always be a safe step.

  • Bring transparent and open culture first, the process next: This makes the end product more creative and successful. After all, the happy and open mind can bring a lot more to the plate

  • Overlapping knowledge makes both web designer and developer better at their job: Arranging workshops to get your designers learn the basics of coding and developers to get the insight of design details.

  • Mostly, teams are formed based on their skills: Designers, developers, user interface analyst etc are sitting separately, at times on different floors. It leads to less coordination and more time consumption in getting the result. Teams should ideally be formed based on the project or product with more interaction. Communication can solve all the issues and bring out the best outcome.

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