14 Mar 2017

Communication Redefined: Steps to Create Great Video Chatting App Experience

Audio-Video chats aren't a new trend; they have been around for a while now. We have seen the evolution of chatting applications from a basic messaging app to a video chatting app incorporating many innovative attributes and functions. Skype was the first video chatting application but isn't considered to be a novelty anymore.

However, here's a fun fact: It was the first video chat application that was incorporated as a word in the dictionary almost 6 years back. Moving on, for audio-video chats, every year has displayed a significant trend, with next year redefining, redesigning and rebuilding it in a bigger transformational way.

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The purpose of these transformations is to connect people with their family, friends or clients in the most life-like form and bridging the distance even more. Since the introduction of Skype, there has been an appearance of several smartphones enabling front-faced cameras. This led to the invention of multiple tools and functions for the video chatting applications.

Companies are leaving no stones unturned to stay ahead in this competition. Google introduced their own mobile-only messaging and video chat client last year- Allo and Duo. Google has enhanced its product by adding a wave of new functionalities that make it stand out from the other candidates. Whatsapp, initially an audio only app, introduced video calling last year to keep pace with its competitors. At the end of the day, it is all about building a video app that creates a great experience for the consumers.

5 steps that will help you create an unforgettable video chatting experience 

Mapping the target audience: The features depend on your potential users

Who are your consumers? The target audience is one the most significant steps to be considered that is an answer to what kind of features and design you want for your app. If your application is going to be for business and corporates, then you need to create a secure video conferencing app. You will need to keep the design simple and formal. Add features that are best suited for a business app. However, if your target audience is the teens, then having custom filters, animations and stickers will make it more attractive to your potential users.

The App design: Keep it simple

You don't need to put in much effort on a video chat design. They all have similar design elements and hence, there is not a great difference one can make with their imagination here. The focus should be to make the UI clean, fast and simple. You have to keep in mind that there's not much space and you need to incorporate two different video screens, which you can segregate, using the Skype model. The caller's list should be neat and easily accessible for users to make quick calls or add users to group calls.

Adding superior features: Innovation is key

Starting from basics, we have a plethora of features that have been introduced since the first video chat. However, some of the old ones are now outdated or been redefined as basics. There are newer, fresher ones that have gained a higher appeal amongst the crowd in the recent times. These are features such as live video, group video, video chat paired with messaging, video stories and instant video messaging.

Google has managed to create a more innovative range of features last year such as language recognition capabilities, live video preview, and Smart Reply system. While building a video chat app that already offers so much, you still need to be different enough to get your potential consumers to migrate to your app. Snapchat is one such app that managed to swamp a large consumer base for itself by introducing a great new feature that the consumers just had to have.

Lights, Camera, Action: Keeping the nitty-gritty in check

The technical model needs to be smooth and running. Any technical glitch in your app will easily put off your consumer. So, to provide high-quality video and high level of security is crucial to your success. Most of the video chatting apps are created with the assistance of WebRTC that brawn up smartphones and desktop apps with real-time communication options with the help of several APIs.

Building a product prototype: You won't be sorry

Creating a prototype will give you an idea of what's working and what can be changed or improved. You do spend a good amount to build a great app. So, a prototype will make your efforts more valuable by avoiding any tech, design or feature errors once the final product is created. You may have great (and even brand new) features but that is not the key to mass migration. What you need to deliver is a sensational experience along with all the other elements that push and motivates your potential users to move away from their current chatting apps.

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