02 Jul 2020

Top 5 Reasons You Should Invest in Web Application Development for Business

Can you imagine how difficult your life would be without Google Docs?

The thought sent shudders down your spine, didn't it?

Google Docs is an example of excellent web app development. The simplification and organization it has offered to its users is invaluable.

It doesn't matter if you're a funded startup, a mid-sized consulting firm, or a large business. With how saturated the market is, it's not just an advantage to invest in web application development services – it's a disadvantage not to.

Today we'll dive into web apps specifically created for streamlining your business, which in turn will lead to increased sales.

Difference Between a Web Application and a Website

On the surface, they appear the same. You put a URL in a browser and it's typically accessible on a desktop, laptop, and mobile.

Indeed, there are conflicting opinions even among professionals, but there are certain guidelines you can use to differentiate the two.

A website is usually informational. A user typically is not expected to interact with it beyond maybe sending an email to ask about services or using the search bar. Think of the BBC or Betty Crocker sites, and you've got the idea.

If your idea is to primarily convey information, such as upcoming events, contact information, or a write-up of how you have helped your community, a website is probably the way to go.

A web app, on the other hand, encourages some form of interaction from the user beyond subscribing to a newsletter or making a query. Think Google Docs, Pixlr, and Evernote. You get stuff done with these examples.

A Brief History of Web Applications

The gloss and appeal of web applications might fool you into thinking they are a recent creation.

Indeed, the forebears of the contemporary web app could be found lurking in the Internet of the early 1990s. These were the static HTML pages – text documents.

The shift from static to dynamic web pages came about a decade later, in 2005, with Ajax. Fast-forward to 2014, a year that saw the creation of HTML5, which improved existing standards of HTML.

And now – we look to the future.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Web Application

  • Increased Efficiency

    Streamline your business processes. Produce more in less time, with better quality.

    You do not want to have a hundred-plus spreadsheets cluttering up your desktop wallpaper. This is not only incredibly time-consuming, but it leaves your business at the mercy of human errors.

    A tiny detail like accidentally adding an extra zero can kick the legs out from underneath your business.

    What's more? With nothing resembling integration between all this data, acquiring a holistic view of your business performance will be difficult at best.

    Go the web application development route. Save time and resources.

    Learn more about Business Dashboard Application Development.

  • Tighter Security

    Web-based applications have their data stored in a cloud. This means that even if your equipment is damaged, lost, or stolen, you can just log in to any other device with a working Internet, and your business will be up and running again.

    Conversely, if you only used desktop-based software, you might be staring at the loss of hundreds if not thousands of files with sensitive information.

    Get web app development services to prevent this aneurysm-inducing scenario.

  • 'Round the Clock Accessibility

    Provided you have an Internet connection, you will be able to access your data from almost any device. Whether you're at home or halfway across the world from your office, you don't need to let your work suffer due to physical distance.

  • Scalability and Customizability

    A custom web application is tailored to your business needs. As such, it is scalable and flexible to the growth and changing demands of your business.

    By including functions that are specifically relevant to your business, you can add functionalities and slash training times.

  • Easy Maintenance and Installation

    Say goodbye to frequent and time-consuming maintenance. With web apps, updates are made remotely to each device.

    The installation takes little time and since your employees' hands are free, they can get back to their jobs. It's also a lot lighter than installing separate software on devices – especially so for older models.

    Learn more about Custom Application Development Services .


Ready, set – streamline.

BluEnt provides web application services tailored to your needs.

We specialize in:

  • Custom application development

  • Automation of manual processes

  • Redesigning and reengineering existing apps

  • App infrastructure management

  • Solving business problems

  • App migration and maintenance

  • Cloud or In-premises

  • And much more

Want to optimize your business and get more clients? Shoot us an email or call us.

Maximum Value. Achieved.



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