27 Jun 2017

Modern Custom Software Product Development: Envisioning Your Software Product Journey

The emerging technological trends have fundamentally changed the custom product development process. Today, the most updated software is needed to meet the ever-changing requirements. The technologies used for custom product development process are NET, Java, PHP and much more. The need for software product development arises for various reasons such as when the obsolete system fails to provide valuable information or extensive support is required for the changing business processes or when the organizations experience many system failures.

When carrying out a product development project the approach to the development process is given huge significance. The organizations ensure reduced waste of resources and that the end product meets the customer's requirements of competing effectively on a universal scale. Custom software product development is a challenging process that needs a great level of technical expertise and a long-term commitment to succeed. Though believed that the coding phase is quite challenging and takes a lot of time, it is a misconception.

BluEnt has an end-to-end software development lifecycle process. Their development lifecycle constitutes of different phases for which they utilize the modern development environments, methodologies & technologies. Apart from giving their own novel solutions, they enhance their client's portfolio by providing custom research and development for their products.

Here is what the most crucial phases of the entire product journey comprise of:

Concept documentation: BluEnt first develops the concept document that affirms the technical feasibility, understands the possible expectations from the platform and figures out the potential obstacles. It also establishes the scope and needs for customization to successfully deliver the project. This documentation brings a lot of clarity to the clients on the concept of product development cycle.

Conversion of this concept to a blueprint: Once the documentation is complete, the designers create a blueprint which then becomes a product design. This design is further used to build the software. During the entire process, an equal amount of focus is given to functionality, quality, performance benchmark and time-to-market.

Development of the prototype: The software prototype created for the product design contains a few features. This prototype is for both the clients and the engineers who can use it to understand whether the product meets the already identified specifications in the documentation and blueprint. This prototype may be completely different from the end product, which gets developed, in the final stage. This phase helps the team to confirm the exactness of the estimates and that the deadlines scheduled for the project can be met successfully.

Mock Software Demo: To ensure that the software meets industry benchmarks, it is important to attempt manual testing before public release. With product testing, the development team gets helpful insights from market experts. This way, the final product assimilates and conforms to the highest industry standards.

The engineering process: The product engineering phase is a period when engineers are busy innovating, stationing novel products and working on time-to-market skills. It also helps in keeping huge product portfolios cost-effectively.

Implementation of marketing strategies: One of the marketing strategies includes market research, which gives an insight into the consumer's persona. Post product launch, the effectiveness of the product is measured by using the best marketing practices.

Innovation and redesigning continues: In such a competitive environment innovation is key to delivering a successful product. With the ever-changing markets and business models, it is very significant that the product application's features are continuously updated and the latest product features are incorporated from time to time. Also, with the IT industry evolving at the speed of light, the product needs to be modernized and redesigned quite frequently.

Maintenance and support: BluEnt has engineers who are thoroughly experienced in adaptive, perfective and preventive maintenance. Maintenance and support help in removing errors in the system during its working life. It also enables the team to adjust the system in case of any changes and variations in its working environments. For your next upcoming project partner with us to make this product development journey smooth and powerful. Whether you are a new startup organization or an already established business, we deliver a wide-ranged mix of custom software development servicesConnect with us to know more.



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