05 Oct 2018

Mobile Wallet App Development: Empty Wallet Isn’t Embarrassing Anymore!

Mobile wallet app development has been aiming to revolutionize the world into a cash-free place.

A lot of people are moving away from the traditional terms for 'money transactions' such as cash, cheque, or balancing a cheque. We have hardly heard these words in today's day and age.

Carrying cash currencies in your wallet made up of animal skin would sooner or later be frowned upon (for the cash and the slaughter). However, the future of the payment methods is currently undecided because people are widely scattered and confused with the multiple digital practices such as cryptocurrency, mobile payments, and many more technology-oriented exchanges of money. This blog is explicitly going to discuss the mobile wallet app development aspects because we are partially living this even today. We should know what the future hold for us.

As per statista, the number of mobile users is expected to surpass the count of  5 billion and 2.7 billion would be actively using the smartphones by 2019. That's an amazing news for the mobile wallet app developers as they would have a larger audience to utilize their services.

What is the Mobile Wallet Application?

The mobile wallet is commonly known as a virtual place that securely stores your card payment information in your smartphone application. It is operated by the financial regulations where this single application is replacing the traditional practices such as a use of a cheque, cash amount or swiping cards.

From paying your regular bills to buying things online and offline, our spending habits have become quite smooth with the advent effect of the mobile wallet app development.

Technology has literally made our wallets empty but in a good way. Whether it is splitting a restaurant bill or transferring a bachelor party share with your peeps, handling money has never been this easy and secure.

We should be grateful to the digital payment solutions like PayPal, Venmo, and Square Cash, as the days where people used to carry their wallets filled with money and cards are long gone. We are almost able to pay or buy anything just with few clicks.

We have enlisted the top benefits of mobile wallet app development as below:

  • Simple and Accessible

    Making payments was the herculean task back in the days where people were supposed to make a visit to a bank or an ATM for cash. On the other hand, the mobile wallet app does the same job with just one or two clicks while you are sitting on your couch comfortably.

    All you need to do is link your credit or debit card details in your wallet app downloaded in the smartphone and it will make all your future transactions smoother and easier like never before. This is simpler than creating a social media account and then maintain it by constant updates of the Instagram feeds or Facebook posts. Much calmer mobile wallet app saves your day at the supermarket or helps you in grabbing the discount deals on your favorite e-commerce app by a simple process.

  • Multi-Purpose

    Mobile wallets have lightened the burden of people's pockets as they now have a choice of not carrying the hard cash or those plastic cards all the time.  A mobile wallet carries information related to multiple credit or debit cards as well as an information related to your identification proof such as driver's license and a lot more.

    Apart from these benefits, the majority of mobile wallets have associated with many popular brands and provide their users with a plethora of coupons, loyalty benefits and other discounts on the products and services.

  • Seamless Transfer of Funds

    Mobile wallet app solutions have made an exchange of money so smoother, faster and easier. Moreover, there are no additional charges incurred in sending and receiving money. You can do it anytime and anywhere, and it has become more beneficial and preferable option of payment among people.

  • Widespread

    Mobile wallets are ubiquitous in usage and can be utilized in a variety of bill payments such as a restaurant cheque, broadband bill, mortgages etc.

  • Marketing

    Wallets have added another marketing opportunity and expanded the number of techniques for approaching and converting the audience. However, in return, the audience is receiving better discounts and coupons via wallet apps.

    In fact, digital marketing has become much stronger and organized with the mobile wallet apps as it is bringing better returns. Hard to resist promotions are displayed on the products or services and these promotions are customized according to the target demographic and their location. This helps in fulfilling the exact requirements of the audience and increasing the count of happy customers in your data.

Mandatory Features to Be Involved in the Mobile Wallet Apps:

  • Security Options

    People are literally doing everything on their mobile apps, whether it is for entertainment or increasing communication among distances. Each and every user isn't hesitating away from saving the personal and financial information on these apps which make the security factor of the supreme importance.

    With an increasing popularity of the internet, it definitely attracts negative people who try to barge into the confidential data gathered on such applications. To overcome such scenarios, the mobile app developers must incorporate an effective and comprehensive security process to assure their users and potential audience around the world that your mobile and web application is the safest place than anywhere else. 

    Majority of developers support building a password-protection barrier and it is a brilliant solution for making your activity in the apps more secure. Such features are developed based on the security guidelines followed in a specific country namely facial ID, PIN, or thumbprint are quite popular predominantly in the USA.

  • Wallet Application's Performance

    This is the heart of the business as people are becoming quite restless and undoubtedly prefer a seamless functioning wallet application.

    You need to develop an app to engage users and give the rewards for it. You need to provide an omnichannel solution to your users where they can effortlessly do their money transactions. If your app is loading slow and taking too long, people would abandon your mobile wallet app right away. So, the competition is at peak and you can not take a chance at the quality of your wallet app performance.  

    You should build an app which is easier to comprehend by the user along with all the necessary features.

  • Reward System

    Adding a rewarding feature would attract more audience and easily convert them into a loyal customer. This is highly appreciated as a customer engagement process too because people love getting rewards and marketers are constantly coming up with the innovative mutual benefiting ideas such as cash back, coupons, reward points etc. This is definitely going to up your game towards the success.


To sum it up, many businesses have already understood the apparent use of the mobile wallet app development and exploring secured options to save time and efforts of the consumers. We aren't far from the day where the usage of cash currencies and plastic cards would be an anachronism and would amuse everyone.

BluEnt is a software development company, We have a team of millennials who are witnessing the change and advancements in the technology which helps our developers and engineers to come up with innovative ideas according to the needs and demands of the audience.

If you want to understand more about mobile wallet app development, contact us now.

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