05 Sep 2017

Mobile App Technology Could Be An App-Ocalypse Or Boon To Workforce Productivity

Who is human's BFF today? Mobile apps. No matter where you go, what you do or how many dollars you have in

your bank account, mobile apps are never going to treat you any differently.

People are spending more time on their mobile apps and less time on the mobile web (like for searching some information). A recent study has shown the statistical ratio of Americans spending time on mobile gadgets. And, the number isn't getting any lesser. Mobile apps have become an important part of our lives. Whether you want to find out your favorite food outlets nearby or a new date, there is an app for every need. The mobile revolution has changed our outlook on entertainment, learning, checking news or as simple as passing time. It definitely has transformed our experience at work as well. We have a collection of apps in our smartphones as they support our daily tasks, keep us entertained and organized. But we wonder whether surfing among the number of apps has any impact on working productivity.

If you feel like you have reached a peak of app downloads and it is affecting your performance at work, you can follow the below exercise and reach back to your caliber:

  1. Track your daily usage. You need to figure out the variety of apps you access on daily basis and how much time and mobile battery percentage you spend on each day. (Most of the smartphone devices track this)

  2. Do an audit in your phone and figure out the apps which are positively adding to your productivity. Delete the unnecessary apps which you haven't accessed from past 6 months or more. Instead, download educational, project management, or password managing apps which are more useful to your work and career.

  3. Look for a multiple feature app which can solve the purpose of 'n' number of apps in one, this leads to higher productivityat work. You save time in surfing among various apps. An app which focuses on the task management, project management, attachments, communications, chats among team members, calendar, workflow management and progress report.

In the last point mentioned above, we have talked about the Enterprise apps since they have rapidly grown the market to cater to the current corporate culture. There are multiple studies claiming that the workforce productivity would increase drastically if these apps are developed mobile based. Enterprise Apps are being successful in driving efficiency in various departments of the enterprise such as Sales and Marketing, Training & Development and Operations.

  • Sales and Marketing department is improving field sales with updated information and chat feature.

  • Training & Development Department to deliver notes and sharing ideas commonly.

  • Operation Department to solve infinite tasks and streamline the team focus and goal.

Enterprise apps are able to enhance the individual productivity as well as the company's output way higher than the traditional ways of working. BluEnt as a mobile application outsourcing company guides our customers with an idea and execution in app developing journey. We have a strong organized team of experienced developers and designers who have always delivered the tasks with better results. If you want to streamline your organization, connect with us for your next app idea.

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