16 May 2017

How Can Mobile App Development Help Build Awareness of My Brand?

Mobile applications have garnered a lot of eyeballs lately. Most businesses whether small or enterprise are now relying on their

custom apps for building brand awareness. With everyone preferring to shop on-the-go, brand marketers are looking forward to deploying their marketing strategies on mobile apps. Mobile app benefits are many. As per a report by Flurry, almost 68% smartphone users prefer to engage with their favorite brands via mobile apps.

If you're new to the branding school, it is the time that you start with developing a mobile app for your brand, product or service. While the bits and pieces will look overwhelming in the beginning, the ultimate returns will be worth every penny you shell out.

Here is how Mobile App Development will help you in branding your business:

Focus on the Brand values

The way an app is branded is representative of its mothership's character. Giving your app your company's personal zing will surely resonate with your customers and you are more likely to close deals. A mobile app that brings out the values of your business will instill confidence in the customers and give your brand an authenticity.

Your customers will love you for their shopping experience

Never, and we mean, NEVER! Sacrifice on user experience. Going for that seamless interface transition or deep app linking might seem over the top in the beginning, however, remember, your app is your virtual store. Just like your customers will recommend you for an awesome shopping experience in a brick and mortar store, they will applaud you for a great online shopping experience too. The result? Brand recognition and recommendation.

More of a marketing tool than an app

A mobile application has a two-fold purpose. Your app does not only sell products and services; it doubles a valuable marketing tool too. You can integrate your app with social media channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Etsy and so on. This means, that with just the click of a button, your customers can share the products they bought at the sale you're having or that limited edition stock your app is showing off. Free publicity and more sales, can you ask for more than this?

What does your app bring to the table? Your USP!

When creating your mobile app for branding, remember to always offer great value. Know that if people have made the effort to download your app, then it becomes your responsibility to give them a convenient and immersive experience - something they did not find anywhere else. Do not make the mistake of making your app a copy of your website, it will make the users abandon the app and site both. Give your customers a reason to keep coming back. Attract your customers with relevant offers, loyalty points, referrals and customized messages.

Free information with paid customers – The Paradox

It's widely believed that giving information for free can undercut a business. However, contrary to this popular belief, when you share information freely, people start believing you as thought leaders. You gain the trust as a knowledgeable expert which will come in handy next time a customer wants exclusive consultation. Your average user does not have time for applying any information your app gives them, but they will surely remember you in times of need. Combine consumer trust with brand awareness and you will have queries coming in. win - win at both ends!

Ready to get started?

Building a widely recognized app is a challenging feat but there is a gradual learning curve that you and your company can master. BluEnt has helped create powerful apps with its in-house mobile app designer team. We specialize in developing custom apps which are easy to operate, have a great user interface and are cost effective! Get in touch today to see how we can help you brand your business!

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