31 Oct 2017

Important Marketing Techniques to Keep Potential Customers from Ignoring You

Do you get leads easily in your business?

It is among one of the on-going challenges most businesses face. Increasing the lead count isn't a cakewalk for business developers. Getting fresh customers are difficult to attract in this competing world.

Forget about attracting, it's even difficult to stay in contact with the clients. Converting the leads become a faraway dream, you first got to worry about reaching your target audience. This process isn't an overnight work, it takes weeks and even months sometimes. You have to be on your toes to follow up with your potential customers. Don't let them ignore your marketing approaches.

Keep Your Eyes on the Goal.

Obviously, they won't knock on your door and give you an opportunity on their own. You have to create one in this upbeat industry. You should always be available to your buyers to finally pick you. Never lose an opportunity to convert your leads into a sale. But, at the same time, you have to be creative and smart instead of invading their privacy or being irritating. You shouldn't always follow the defined strategic plan. You should sometimes go off-track and find some 'out of the box' ideas to reach out to your adamant lot. To make it a little simpler for you, we have pinned down few ideas to start with. Let's elaborate a little.

Direct Mail Campaigns:

Don't you all want to catch that bigger fish in the pond? We definitely dream about Fortune 500 Company. Of course, stop dreaming and start acting on it. People think that direct mail is rude or it doesn't sound like a right way to approach. Yes, we all receive junk emails, crazy offers on the nearby salon and long list of bills to pay. But email marketing does payback. As per Compu-Mail report in 2017, the direct mail response rate is 5.1%, compared to .04% for social media pages and .06% for email. Also, the average chances of an individual opening a direct mail are 42%. This is quite an assuring number in digital media marketing to gain confidence in the 'direct-mail' campaigns. For instance, the best example of direct mail performed by the online laundry company.

Their idea was quite interesting and creative. They used the above creative to gain extraordinary results. 32% direct mail readers registered online, out of this 8% were converted into regular customers and their website traffic hiked by 15%. Isn't it the best approach? Who would ignore this?


Re-marketing is the key to get potential customers back to your website. This approach works when nothing else does. Re-Marketing is a very important part of a marketing strategy. Most people don't even open ads and emails on your first approach. You got to use your content and ad creatives to reach back to the same prospects. Now the challenge is how do we do it. As per the recent report in 2017, the abandonment rate on an average is 75.6% for the online customers.


Now that's what we call a competition. Remarketing is the only solution to utilize all your hard work you have put in creating that loads and loads of content. And, like we said earlier, the ultimate goal is to convert prospects. One of the greatest ideas for remarketing is Facebook ads. It works in most of the industry types.

LinkedIn Approach:

Personalization can do wonders in your business. In this social media world, you have numerous ways to approach the fresh audience. You just need to know the right strategy. LinkedIn is one of the popular professional social networking portal which can drive in infinite business to business leads to your venture. How you do that?

  • Share your website content like video blogs, blogs, press releases or articles on your LinkedIn page and it will open doors for many relevant prospects to visit your website. This increases the chances of leads and eventually, conversions.

  • Specific LinkedIn profile-Try avoiding confusing details in your profile which might lead customer in a different direction.

  • LinkedIn InMail- This feature allows you to contact members with whom you aren't even connected with.

You won't get what you want until you apply different innovative approaches. If your target is to crack the big titans in the industry, you have to try persistently towards your goal. Marketing isn't as simple as it sounds and teaches you multiple ways to get the results. BluEnt is a digital media marketing company with the team of creative minds with the go-getter attitude. We deal into search engine optimization(SEO), Search engine marketing (SEM), Content marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Email marketing and much more. If you want to know more about us, let's talk.

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