26 Nov 2020

How to Avoid Downloading a Fake App

Fake apps pose potentially serious security risks to unwitting users. They are among the bogeymen of the tech world – except they actually exist. And there are thousands of them.

But what exactly is a fake app?

Fake apps, as the name suggests, are apps that copy legitimate apps. This goes beyond simple plagiarism or stealing ideas. Fake apps copy the function and even look of real apps, often to the point that, if you're not looking closely enough, you will mistake them for the original app.

It's not just the user who can suffer the consequences – organizations, too, can suffer financial or reputational damage.

Why Do People Create Fake Apps?

In short: real apps are lucrative business. Criminals will exploit this by making a copy-cat app that doesn't offer any service or benefit and getting you to give your money or information to them anyway.

What Happens if You Download a Fake Applications?

When you download a fake app, many things can happen to your device, including but not limited to:

  • The fake app could contain malicious content and make your device malfunction or behave oddly.

  • It could be disguised malware, and upload your information and location without your consent. On that note, it can steal your information.