10 Sep 2020

How to Get Your Website in the Top 10 Searches in Google

You may own a well-designed or flashy website, and find that it still ranks low in the search-engine ladder.

Maybe you haven't made any changes or improvements in the last few months. Maybe visitors don't find your website up-to-date with the current trends and evolving technologies.

So you probably haven't been attracting your ideal customers.

There might be something lacking in your website. Do not be disheartened! Running a website is a continuous process. You need to make it enjoyable for the visitors and customers, and profitable for you.

Here are four key elements that you must include in your website. They will boost your ranking and fix you a spot at the top of the search engines.

Social Media Links

How many users are there on Facebook? Twitter? Blogspot? Instagram?

Individuals connect with everything they identify with on these social media platforms. From their favorite artist to their most visited pub, people are always online. They know more about the discounts a brand is giving from media links than from a magazine or newspaper, or even their email.

Remember a time when email marketing was at its peak? Well, it's still doing great, but nothing surpasses social media sites today. How many emails can you send to your clients and subscribers? And how do you know if those emails are being read or appreciated?

You cannot afford to annoy your clients and lose out on revenue by constantly flooding their inbox with your advertisements. This is where social media links help. Customers react to your page and advertisements as per their convenience, giving you an opportunity to work towards their responses.

So, if you do not have a direct link to your page on these sites, you are losing out on customers. Ensure that you have icons for all the social media platforms you use, so the moment someone visits your site, they are just a click away from following you on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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Calls to Action

What customers need is an interactive website.

They want something, and your page needs to guide them. You need to know what you want your customers to do once they are there. Some customers want to reach out to you; they have queries that are not being answered through your content or links.

It is important for you to always have a 'Call Us' or a 'Contact Request Form' button. A few bigger retail websites have an option to chat, with their customer care online to expedite the response process.

There are other call-to-action buttons customized to your business that you could use. A couple of examples are 'download this file' and 'add to cart' – depending on what your customers want to do.

A Mobile Version

From an alarm clock that wakes people up to a news app that keeps them updated, everyone uses their smartphones to make their day easier or more exciting.

Many companies are now creating mobile versions of their websites.

But these have to be mobile friendly and responsive, with clear navigation. The layout and features such as call-to-action buttons need to be enhanced for a smaller screen, so that they are user friendly.

This also means that the website needs to be coded and customized according to the various smartphones and software available today. Depending on the device it is being displayed on, it needs to resize the page appropriately.

Google doesn't allow websites to show up in the top search results if they don't have a mobile version. Get one today if you don't have it already!


You may have a good layout with all the above-mentioned elements. However, if you have provided your viewers and customers with outdated information, it will push them away. (Also, Google isn't going to be happy with you.)

For Google, content is relevant. They want to offer their customers the best and most recent information. You have to be proactive and keep it fresh.

People will rely on you much more, then – because Google said so. Your loyal customers will bookmark your sites, recommend them to their colleagues and friends, and even write testimonials.

These testimonials will give your potential customers a taste of people's experiences. You have to keep the best ones and make it crisp.

You also need to be creative when displaying information on your website. Your layout, design, and content have to be attention-grabbing.

People get bored easily, so you have few seconds to gain and keep their attention. Give them relevant information. You can use blogs as a medium, which will be a more interesting way to publish appropriate and valuable articles.

Tell us what you want your website to do. What do you want us to help you with? A new avatar? New features? A website check-up?

Whether you need a revamp or a few embellishments, reach out to ustoday and we will get in touch shortly!

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