20 Aug 2018

How Single Page Applications Benefit Start-Ups

There is a colossal shift in the website world where the single page application is overpowering traditional websites. In the front end landscape, single page web application development has taken over and is perceived to be quite popular since the inception of novel and intuitive JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, React, Ember development that are responsible for taking care of the heavy lifting on the client side. The developers are able to create AJAX and HTML5 single page application that assist in making them 'super' responsive.

The development and use of single page application design is quick and smooth. This is because when the browser opens a single page application, it perceives the whole site as a single page and so doesn't reload the page or grab new pages. Facebook and Trello are great examples for single-page apps. Single Page Application framework is known to be fast, responsive and quite easy to maintain. It comes with several advantages that makes it lucrative even for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs.

Businesses and entrepreneurs

The expert developers at BluEnt has listed a few of these significant advantages of single page application that will work well for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs.

Waiting game? What is that?

Single page application architecture is easy and fast to develop. It is not complex in nature and doesn't take months to create. So entrepreneurs don't need to play the waiting game to make their 'big' dreams come true.

There are few reasons why the development of single page application framework is unravelled and streamlined. To render pages on the server the developers don't need to write codes. Also, it is way smoother to get started since the development process can take off from file://URI and there is no need for any server!

Fast and 'not' furious

In today's era, speed is the most important advantage that can make all the difference to businesses and sales. For new businesses that still don't have a 'standing' in the business world, a fast and responsive single page application can only add value! You would want your clients or customers to gather as much as possible in the shortest time they spend on your website. SPA's can assist you with that!

The SPA's don't update the entire page but only the necessary content. This is the main reason for its unbelievably 'great' speed. Resources such as CSS, HTML, Scripts are only loaded once in the entire lifespan of the application with only data being channelled to and fro. Now who doesn't want that?

Your story, their journey

Through SPA's the entrepreneurs can tell a great story and make a costumer's uninterrupted journey on their application worthwhile. The development of single page application template can incorporate fantastic features such as parallax scrolling and brilliant transition features and effects that create a linear user experience.

Making the experience more interactive and convenient can definitely gain start-up the extra brownie points! Consumers get furious when they are bombarded with countless links to be clicked. Also, we have zillion mobile users who are already used to scrolling – imagine their delight!

Where's the debug?

Yes, that's how easy and fast the debugging is with Chrome! Before you know it's there, it's taken care of! Just what businesses need and this advantage is a golden ticket not just for start-ups but all kinds of businesses. You don't want to lose out on revenue because bugs attacked your website!

While monitoring the networking operations the front end developers can investigate page data and elements associated with it. The single page applications design is developed on frameworks like AngularJS Batarang and React tools. Now they have their own Chrome developer tools that make this debugging process way easier.

Work from home is the in thing

Well, in this case it's the 'work offline' mode which in case of humans is equivalent to 'work from home'. One of the great benefits of single page applications is that it has high caching capabilities. It can cache any local storage/data effectively. It only needs to send one request to a server and store all the data it requires. Then it uses this data and work in an offline mode. This enables the local data to be synchronized with the server and works well for users who have spotty internet.

Single page applications

Go mobile in no time!

We all know how not having a mobile app will just not do. But if you want to kick-start your business and you have little resources to spend on website and app, SPAs are a perfect solution. The time you save to build single page application template, you save even more time developing a mobile app. This is because the developer is able to reuse the same backend code for both web application and native mobile application.

So what do you get out of all these advantages? A great user experience! The single page application tends to use less bandwidth and performs better in comparison to a typical front or backend application. If you have small data volumes or you need a dynamic platform in a shorter duration or if you are an entrepreneur then single page application is for you! The single page application architecture works wonders for social networks (Facebook being the best example), SaaS platforms and of course closed communities. To know more about our services or you have interesting questions on single page applications, get in touch to our experts at BluEnt.

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