26 Sep 2017

How Can Your Smartphone Help You to Stay Fit?

It's not so tricky to figure out things you are 'Suppose' to do to stay fit, right?

We already know it. Go join a gym, follow a routine, hire a Yoga or Gym trainer and, most importantly, control your diet. Everything is under control if it would have been a dream. In the real world, you got to work for it, Princess (or Prince).

One thing which has a fundamental value in our lives are smartphones. We are glued to them almost every now and then. We can officially declare this era as an 'App Era'. Why don't we use this to shed some pounds? Make an app your trainer. But we got to be very smart before choosing a fitness smartphone app.

Nowadays, a mobile app market has expanded so much that we tend to get confused about what features to prioritize before downloading any such app. To make it easier for you, we have made a list of features or points which an ideal fitness or healthcare app should provide. Features like full day activity, gym workouts, sleep routine and diet plan are some of the key ideas to start with. Let's run more on this:

  • Track you at Every Step: This could be really motivating when an app can record accurately every step and distance you cover throughout your day while carrying your smartphone. Best part, you don't have to be attentive all the time at all. You can easily plan your routine and would see the difference yourself without even worrying about it.

  • Be a Smart Runner: Running feature augments your runs, hikes, and walks by operating a track on your pace, time and miles. Most apps even allow you the access to the GPS to keep an eye on your routes. You don't want to open multiple apps for that, right?

  • Record Your Hard work: Track your exercise every day and save it for your records. You can go back to your stats and analyze the improvement and inadequate areas.

  • Keep a Check on your Heart: Keep a track of your heart rate in a graphical form to understand your health. Identify patterns, stress level and see the impact of your workouts.

  • Count Your Calories Intake: This feature actually guides you to keep a track of the calorie consumption along with other nutritional ingredients. Don't starve yourself in the name of fitness. You have an easy way to calculate all those waffle's and hamburger's bite and burn it as per the plan.

  • Check Your Hydration: We all know the importance of water in staying healthy. An exercising app can offer such feature which keeps an eye on your water level during workouts and all through the day.

  • An app doesn't Sleep while You are Sleeping: You can set sleep goal and track your sleeping routine. It logs the amount of time you have slept, stayed restless or slept like a baby. This is so important in today's hush-hush world. You got to improve your routine to stay smart and fresh in this world.

  • Track Your Weight: Weight plays the most important role in losing it. A feature which helps you to track your BMI, lean mass and fat percentage by a simple notification. You are consciously aware of yourself more than ever before.

  • Motivation is Everything: My gym has covered every corner with motivational quotes and it, somehow, stimulates my passion towards fitness. If an app can provide you inspiring quotes, workout tips, and healthy food recipes, just go for it.

The mobile application can achieve a lot more than imagined. Having a smartphone in your wrist gives you an opportunity to choose a healthier path. We, at BluEnt, churn out best ideas for the target audience on any specific application. BluEnt is a mobile application development company with the large team of technology consultants and mobile app developers. We have crafted ideas sharper than expected as we believe in achieving maximum value for all our projects. Reach out to us for a talk.

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