10 Jan 2017

How to Grow a Mobile App with Micro-Moments

Your cell isn't just another device – it's a lifestyle. Think about the fact that Google reports that we're on our phones for 177 minutes and check them 150 times per day. That works out to mobile sessions that last only 1 minute and 10 seconds long on average.

Users are constantly developing quicker and quicker strategies of navigating mobile apps to find what they're looking for. To better equip app developers, designers and marketers for this revolution in customer engagement, Google has coined the term micro-moments.

These are the in-the-moment brand interactions that take place when a user reaches for their smartphone to retrieve a product, service, or information. There are three pillars that define how these interactions drive real value:

  1. Intent

  2. Context

  3. Immediacy

But what do these moments look like in real life, and which ones are the most important to your app? These are the central questions that will determine how your brand can harness the power of mobile users in the most effective way.

Let's break down the three pillars of micro-moments and talk about how you can use them to make an app that sells.

Pillar #1: Intent

The first step is simply being there when your customers are looking for you. This may sound elementary, but it's much easier said than done.

After all, when users are searching for mobile interactions linked to the products or services you offer, they may not even know they're searching for your app; instead, they might just be looking for something that fulfils their need. These are micro-moments in themselves that are happening constantly, and you need to anticipate them before they happen.

The first step is to narrow your consumer demand research by search topic and device type. Just looking at mobile searches related to your brand and offerings will reveal significant insights about how you can target niche mobile users through methods they'll respond to.

Use focus groups and surveys to find out exactly why these customers are turning to their phones for help and answers to their problems at the moment. What type of information do they need, and how can you provide it through your app at the moment? By being there for these exchanges, you can deepen customer loyalty and create a more holistic user experience. Much like the principles of SEO, these answers are constantly changing with the latest trends and technological advancements. It's important to stay updated on the latest features and consumer behavior shifts that change the micro-moments you should go after.

Pillar #2: Context

Being there isn't just about understanding user intent, it's about context as well. Once you have a comprehensive list of all the micro-moments that could take place, prioritize them by which ones your mobile application cannot afford to pass by. Then, determine in what situations they might take place.

Google identifies four types of moments you should be there for:

  1. I-Want-to-Know Moments: When a user takes out their mobile to explore or research but isn't ready to fully purchasing. This is the time to attract them to what your app has to offer on the whole, and not just what they need to sign up for.

  2. I-Want-to-Go Moments: When a user is seriously considering the value of your app, but still needs convincing. At this time, you should begin promoting what your full products or services have to offer.

  3. I-Want-to-Do Moments: When a user is looking for "how to" support with getting things done. Having helpful, user-friendly brand education content available is key to being there for these micro-moments.

  4. I-Want-to-Buy Moments: When a user is ready to make a purchase or commitment. Naturally, these are pivotal moments – you need to have the right information ready to help them make the right decisions for their needs and seal the deal.

How many of these is your app optimized for? Furthermore, how do these moments change in different places, times of day, occasions and other circumstances? You have to use a combination of customer journey maps and analytics to understand these nuances. This leads us to our last pillar: Immediacy.

Pillar #3: Immediacy

How many of these is your app optimized for? Furthermore, how do these moments change in different places, times of day, occasions and other circumstances? You have to use a combination of customer journey maps and analytics to understand these nuances. This leads us to our last pillar: Immediacy.

Furthermore, mobile-first user experience doesn't end with mobile. Today's consumers jump from device to device just as they jump from micro-moment to micro-moment, and they expect the transition to be as fluid as water. Making sure that your in-app experience flows seamlessly to the rest of your digital marketing channels such as social media and e-mail is necessary for meeting modern customer expectations of brand engagement.

This is where the team at BluEnt particularly prides itself on driving value for our clients. We've taken on a wide range of mobile app development projects ranging from buying/selling apps to community apps, all with the guarantee of the ultimate ease of navigation and fast-loading features. We specialize in integrating responsive UX and UI design to ensure a seamless transition from whatever range of devices you need.

As a full-service IT company, we also provide social media consulting and e-mail marketing and solutions to maintain a holistic marketing strategy for our clients. In this way, we are able to capitalize on every valuable micro-moment to engage with your customers through all the latest methods digital media has to offer.

We hope this article has given you a new perspective on how 2017 marketing trends will take form over the next twelve months. To find out more about how BluEnt can bring professionalism, innovation, and the latest technology to your next application, fill out a form today.

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