22 Nov 2016

The secret success of incorporating effective email marketing in your business plan

Emails first emerged on the horizon as an introduction to the online-connected world. It became a super thrilling

phase for people who got an opportunity to connect with their family and friends easily. It even became a faster mode of sharing information.

Brands started using this platform to connect with their consumers. In recent years, with social media and blogging taking the business industry by a storm, there's been an ongoing debate on the existence of email marketing. We need to put that discussion to rest.

Emails are rapidly being used, even today, as a communication tool for consumers and businesses. Yes, since many other forms of communication has emerged in the last few years – from social media to mobile marketing, this has led to the belief that email marketing is dead. But this isn't true. Consumers still rely heavily on emails. Email marketing is an inexpensive tool used to carry information and keep the world connected.

The high adaptability benefit is what keeps email marketing in the top list of a business strategy plan. Though spam emails have increased, consumers still pay heed to valuable and relevant content. Email marketing is alive and effective and here are the reasons why you should incorporate it in your marketing strategy plan.

Best medium to share relevant information Billions of people have email accounts and many check their emails on a regular basis. Hence it is an effective way to keep your customers informed. Many consumers usually opt to stay informed by subscribing or signing for newsletters. Consumers have the option to unsubscribe, so if they don't enjoy your emails, they will let you know. An email giving them an update on the new arrivals or informing them about special offers will help you in engaging your customers.

Adds that personal touch When you share information with your customers through say blogs or on social media, you need to address everyone. You are not sure who is going to be reading your posts or blogs. When it comes to emailing, you have a proper customer database. You know who your consumers are, you can add in their names and hence you get to talk to them on a one to one basis. You get to segment your users and get to address each of them accordingly. This makes it more personalized and effective.

Targets mobile users Using email marketing to target the mobile users is simple and cost effective. Everyone owns a mobile today, and many of them check emails on their smartphones. Mobile marketing is another option, however creating mobile ads and sending them through text messages can be costly. Plus, you do not have enough space for content.

Metrics driven hence measurable Metrics help you to keep tabs on what is or is not working in your email marketing campaign. Most email services allow you to track what happens after the emails have been sent. You can record the bounce rates, open rates, delivery rates, unsubscribe rates and click through rates. It lets you know how your email campaign is doing. What you must aim for is higher opening rates by using an exciting subject line.

Generates high profits with low costs Email campaigns allow you to reach a large number of users without spending a huge sum of money. The cost per conversion is quite low and hence it can be easily integrated with the other marketing strategies. No matter how long your emailing list is, even to manage the email campaigns involves less time and costs. Tell us how email marketing has affected your sales and business? You haven't included email marketing in your marketing plan? Email marketing is a significant inexpensive tool for business owners. Do not miss out on the opportunity.

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