16 May 2017

Does Every Brand Really Need a Mobile App?

You get your news from an app, you post your pictures on an app, you shop on an app and you talk on an app. Chances are, you are reading this piece of the blog on an app!

The world today is dominated by smartphones and their apps. What the websites were a decade ago, the apps are now. According to a report, the annual investment in a mobile app for business is around $5.5 million.

Per another report by Adobe, an average US customer spends around 86% of their time on mobile on apps but if you remove social media, gaming, utilities and news, brands apps only cover 11% of this time. Which makes you wonder – Should I go for an app which would be able to participate in this 11% share?

The benefits of app

Mobile app developmenthas opened new avenues for marketing and branding for your company, but this does not mean that your company really needs an app. You can accomplish the branding of your business with a fully responsive and optimized mobile website as well.

We at BluEnt have spent a good deal of time developing mobile apps for business, however, we really think that for some brands, a custom mobile app is not always the right way to invest your precious bucks. Now, we are not ones to demotivate you with this, it is just that we have your best interest at heart. When you can reap more benefits out of a fully-functional responsive mobile website, why invest precious marketing bucks into a nondescript mobile app?

A paradox? We know. But this is the truth.

I think you are right? So, do I need an app for my business?

  • Just Another Medium of Marketing

    In all essentiality, the purpose of brand apps simply boils down to being highly focused marketing channels. While the capabilities of a mobile app are effective, not all businesses will profit by devoting resources for such a big strategy, especially those that are just beginning. Instead, there are several other digital marketing strategies which offer a bigger bang for the buck. You can look at email marketing campaigns which are still the ruling champions of branding and advertising. As per a report, 89% marketers still consider emailing to be the primary channel for lead generation. You can up the stakes with SEO and great content, social media and local search for better opportunities than mobile apps.

  • Mobile Apps vs Mobile Web

    Morgan Stanley's research indicates that the mobile browsing audience from the US is 2X times larger than the app audience and has grown 1.2X times faster in the last 3 years. While apps do their needful, there is a lot of information that becomes limited with apps. For example, you are not able to share content if your business has other interests such as products and services. Over a highly responsive mobile website, you can easily add and remove features that you deem fit. The best part? Most of the times, creating a responsive mobile website is added to the cost of website creation unlike creating a mobile app. Sumeet Basak, Co-Founder, FITH Media, an app publisher says, "I don't think it is necessary to have an app unless it helps solve a problem or can engage a user with a game around your business."

  • Does your app have what it takes?

    If you DO decide to launch a mobile app, you must be clear on what your app will do that other digital marketing strategies will not help you accomplish. Before you give the green light for mobile app development, ask yourself these three questions:

    • Will my app be a natural fit with the normal mobile use of my customers?

    • Will my app solve any specific need with added benefits?

    • Will the app gives customers a reason to use it repeatedly?

  • Popularity and Convenience

    Whether it is an app or a website, the user experience must never be compromised with. Whether your app will be downloaded also depends on the technical specifications of the user's mobile. A heavy app is a big no-no as it becomes impossible to download without wi-fi. Many popular online brands prefer to use HTML5 sites which offer similar experiences offered by apps. Plus, they will be preferred by users since there is no download involved.

  • Where does your app stand?

    "There is no better publicity than a satisfied customer" – the age-old adage stands true in the modern ear as well. Nothing beats a great shopping experience. A happy customer is the best form of publicity. Whether you succeed in giving this experience on a website or on an app, now that is up to you. If your customer does not want your app, then your brand doesn't either. BluEnt offers amazing in-house web development and app development. Get in touch today to know which kind of branding is better for your business!

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