18 Sep 2016

Launch A Powerful Digital Marketing Campaign: Make It To The Success Stories

If you still haven’t broken into the digital marketing industry, it’s about time. The digital advertisements have been competing with traditional media advertisements for some time now. It won’t be very surprising if it surpasses the traditional media marketing completely.

06 Sep 2016

5 Commonly Overlooked Social Media Hacks To Keep In Mind

You may be thinking to yourself “that I am pretty much of a social media genius, why do I need to read this article?” or perhaps “I read that Social Media for dummies book. I do not need to read anything about social media since it claimed to give a 100% understanding about it.”Chances are, there are some things that might have not stuck with you because of their very casual understanding.

30 Aug 2016

How To Ensure That Your Social Media Plan Is On Track

As marketers, we have an obvious responsibility to ensure that our social media activity is going at a pace that seems right, if not accurate –  and is able to generate some buzz about the product or company we are promoting.

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