app purchases
17 Jan 2017

The Secret to In-App Purchases: Perfecting the Mobile Customer Journey

From purchasing a pair of shoes from Etsy to upgrading to Spotify Premium to even buying an app from the Play Store, in-app purchases are happening all around us. At the start of this year, Statista estimated the total of global sales from customer spending with a mobile app to reach almost $37 billion.

Grow a Mobile App
10 Jan 2017

How to Grow a Mobile App with Micro-Moments

Your cell isn’t just another device – it’s a lifestyle. Think about the fact that Google reports that we’re on our phones for 177 minutes and check them 150 times per day. That works out to mobile sessions that last only 1 minute and 10 seconds long on average. 

Social Media Application
10 Jan 2017
03 Jan 2017

4 Steps to Create a Successful Mobile Experience

It is quite baffling to know that both Google Play and App store have more than a million apps each available for the consumers to download.

27 Dec 2016

Look Into The Future: What Your Web And Mobile Apps Need

With the amount of volatility in the app market, new apps that changed the game, and the latest technologies waiting to be a part and parcel of everybody’s life, the dawn of 2017 seems to omit a bright and exciting light.

27 Dec 2016

Mobile Meets Intranet: How Modern Companies Are Using Web Apps

As mobile devices become more and more prevalent in the business environment, technology corporations use has to adapt to meet changing employee needs – and company intranet is no exception.

Mobile App User Acquisition
20 Dec 2016

Mobile App User Acquisition Made Easy

What often makes or breaks the success of a mobile app is a company’s user acquisition strategy. After all, considering that there are over 1.5 million apps in the App Store and even more on Google Play, it’s hard to stand out from the competition. 

20 Dec 2016

Sweet Sixteen: 16 Apps That Changed the Game in 2016

It would be fair to call 2016 the roller coaster year. There were new technologies introduced over and over again , all of which managed to easily sweep us off of our feet. The app world was no stranger to the technical advancements the world was making, making 2016 one of the best years for old and new apps to rejuvenate and emerge, giving people incentive to get up and socialize even more. With the new year right upon us, looking back at the apps that stood out in 2016 would just be fair.

14 Dec 2016

Shine Bright like Christmas Lights: 5-Step-Guide to Gain Clientele During the Festive Season

Festivals are loved by everyone, unless you’re Scrooge. But if you think about it, he too came to like it in the end of “A Christmas Carol.” Before getting distracted any further let’s get down to the point of festivals being important. And that being the case, your mobile or web app needs to be in tune with the festivities.

custom applications
14 Dec 2016

Espousing custom applications: Tailor-made and masterstroke solution for businesses

Online presence has become an integral part of the business world. The demand for business online presence is increasing rapidly. Online applications are responsible for the growth of any kind of business. Today, most businesses without a web application are questioned on their credibility and sustainability. Businesses are working towards creating a holistic and a pleasant experience for their online consumer database.


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