11 Apr 2017

Elements That Help In The Development Of Progressive Web App

Progressive web apps or PWA’s provides an experience, which is an amalgamation of the best features of both apps and the websites. PWA’s are websites that make use of the characteristics of the mobile applications. This makes them reach another level to that of a typical phone application and one step forward of the customary websites on the mobile.

28 Mar 2017

8 Steps To Launch Your First Web App

There’s always talk of a new web app. You’ve probably overheard someone at a work party talking about how theirs is going to shake up their whole industry.

14 Mar 2017

Communication Redefined: Steps to Create Great Video Chatting App Experience

Audio-Video chats aren’t a new trend; they have been around for a while now. We have seen the evolution of chatting applications from a basic messaging app to a video chatting app incorporating many innovative attributes and functions. Skype was the first video chatting application but isn’t considered to be a novelty anymore.

28 Feb 2017

Dissecting WhatsApp’s Latest Update

In a short recap of February, the hot topics were Valentine’s Day, the new Facebook Dove sticker and just recently, the new WhatsApp update.

21 Feb 2017

Tighten Up: 4 Tips to Perfect Your Mobile Website

It’s no surprise that mobile has been the way to go for everybody nowadays. From payments to interviews, everything has been taking place over the device that usually fits into a palm.

15 Feb 2017

Ultimate Comparison of 3 Most Popular Content Management System [Infographic]

Ultimate Comparison of 3 Most Popular Content Management System

enterprise mobility
31 Jan 2017

Enterprise Mobility Solutions: How to Balance Cost with Quality

Maybe you’re interested in bringing enterprise mobility to your company, but you can’t justify the price you’ve been quoted. Maybe you’ve already implemented enterprise apps, but don’t feel like you’re getting the ROI you expected.

24 Jan 2017

3 Types of Healthcare Apps And Why You Need Them

Healthcare app development is transforming the medical industry from top to bottom. Everything from paperwork to patient interactions is seeing the impact of technology and benefit from the powerful improvements in efficiency and effectiveness that it brings.

24 Jan 2017

4 Ways to Jumpstart your Web and Mobile Platforms

The mobile app development industry is predicted to have a huge economy by the year of 2020. A 101 billion dollar economy, to be precise. It’s a requirement to be a visionary when it comes to business.

24 Jan 2017

Web App Model: Cost-effective Perspective To Building An Web App

With the Internet taking the world by storm and becoming a dominant global player, many organizations have incorporated web application development in their business strategy. It is a trend that started a few years ago and continues to grow. Embracing web development application is not just a trend for some organizations.


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