healthcare analytics
03 Jan 2023

How Hospitals Can Improve Healthcare Outcomes Using Data Analytics

Healthcare analytics is currently the industry’s driving force, revolutionizing how patients are cared for. At the corporate level, it can reduce expenses, and streamline internal and other processes.

01 Aug 2022

Should You Choose AWS Analytics?

The data input, storage, administration, and governance layers of databases, data warehouses, and data lakes are all built separately by customers.

25 Jul 2022

Microsoft Power BI: Pros and Cons

Data science and data visualization are popular subjects in American corporations. Every business aspires to transform data into a useful information tableau. Many businesses and people are utilizing the free or inexpensive Microsoft Power BI

27 Jun 2022

Should You Implement SAP SuccessFactors for the HR Process?

SAP SuccessFactors is a system that assists global businesses, both mid-size and large, in successfully administering their HR and payroll process.

21 Jun 2022

Informatica ETL vs Informatica MDM: Which One Does Your Business Need?

Organizations have been facing consistent challenges when it comes to data management and IT management solutions. In response, Informatica ETL and Informatica MDM are being deployed by businesses worldwide to drive growth and stability.

13 Jun 2022

How Data is Shaking Up the Gaming Industry

Businesses are making strategic decisions based on big data – this includes the gaming industry. Gaming data is being used by gaming companies to disrupt the market and grow at an exponential rate.

06 Jun 2022

How AI Has Revolutionized Fintech

According to Business Wire, the estimation of the global impact of AI in Fintech was USD 6.67 in 2019 and USD 22.6 billion by 2025. The CAGR was predicted to reach 23.37%

11 Apr 2022

Does Your Company Need Enterprise Business Intelligence?

The integration of enterprise business intelligence benefits organizations in countless ways. According to Mordor Intelligence, in 2020, the business intelligence domain was

29 Mar 2022

What is Predictive Maintenance and Why is it Important in Field Service?

Customer expectations are growing every day. Some field service businesses are coping with it through predictive maintenance.

06 Jan 2022

The Evolution of Gaming – How Did It Start and Where are We Going?

Minecraft. League of Legends. Fortnite. Tetris. You’ve probably played one of these games at least once – or heard of them. The evolution of gaming paints a fascinating period in history,


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