06 Aug 2020

Website UX Design: How Does it Enhance Business Value?

"Marketing without UX is like throwing darts in the dark. Don't hope to hit a goal when you can use data to understand context, emotion and needs to ensure a bullseye."

Thus said Angie Schottmuller, keynote speaker and growth marketing advisor.

UX design should be your number one priority when constructing your company's website. The correct design will contribute immensely to higher leads and sales, as well as customer engagement and loyalty.

Many organizations are unaware of the value a good website UX design can add to their business.

Consider this: Your website needs to differentiate itself from its various competitors, whether there are 10 or 1,000. If it looks and feels the same as all the others, a user is likely to hit the back button – and there goes your customer.

A user interface design company can help you avoid this scenario.

And it applies to everyone. Whether you are a funded startup, a small business, a large business, or an enterprise, a great UX will encourage your customers to keep clicking.

Before we dive in, let's take a look at one of the most important concepts in UX – responsive website design.

Responsive Web Design: A Key Aspect of Great UX

A crucial part of excellent user experience (UX) is responsive web design. In involves designing websites that adapt to devices and includes fluid grids, media queries, and flexible visuals.

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With fluid grids, made with CSS, the columns automatically rearrange themselves to fit the length and breadth of the browser window or screen.

Media queries permit developers to change web designs based on the properties of different devices. Because this offers a more tailored experience to the user, it is a better option than defining breakpoints in CSS/HTML.

Marcotte is the practice of utilizing code that prevents rich media files from spilling over their containers' dimensions.

How Does One Quantify the ROI of Website UX Design?

This is where things get tricky.

There are no specific metrics that can measure how great website UX design contributes to your ROI.

McKinsey & Co. conducted extensive research on the design actions that led to business value in three industries: consumer goods, retail banking, and medical technology. Their results remained consistent in all of them, suggesting that good design is crucial no matter what your company provides.

One of the actions that led to increased business value was UX – the focus of our article. (The others were analytical leadership, cross-functional talent, and continuous iteration.)

It would be impossible to articulate all the benefits that UX design would bring to your company, but here are some of the best ones.

Benefits of Website UX Design for Your Business:

  • Increased Retention Rates

    Got your head in your hands due to high bounce rates?

    Ditch the painkiller. UX web design to the rescue!

    For the recipe, you'll need a lot of UX research, topped off with a gorgeous interface. Poof – increased retention rate and customer engagement.

    Studies have shown that many companies report higher customer loyalty with improved website user experience. On the flipside, about 60% of users hit the back button if they cannot find what they want within seconds.

  • Brand Influence and Differentiation

    One of the biggest parts of standing out is the design you go for.

    Use research to craft your identity for the audience you want to cater to.

    How do you want to portray yourself? Are you a premium brand that creates products for users with a lot of disposable income? Maybe you're a "family" brand that wants to come across as friendly and approachable?

    Whatever the impression you wish to give, make sure your website UX design gets it across clear as crystal.

  • Saves Money

    Don't ignore UX web design. In fact, don't even get it wrong.

    Fixing a UX error post development can cost up to one hundred times more than it would if you fixed it while in development. 50% of developers' precious time is spent reworking.

    Don't put yourself through that. Get the user interface design company you hired to perfect their work so your time and money are saved later.

  • Boosts Revenue

    There's a reason Microsoft chose that specific shade of blue for the links on its search engine – specifically, a reason worth 80 million USD.

    That's right, folks. Doing something as simple as tweaking the colors on your website can increase your revenue.

    The earlier version of Microsoft's search engine used a softer blue, one that "lacked a bit of confidence". Contrast and color, when tested, turned out to be even more important than the typeface used for search results.

    Hey, a little color theory never hurt anybody. Incorporate it into your next project!


Your website is your sales representative.

You don't want your representative to greet your customer looking sloppy and tired, do you?

The user should be greeted with a clean layout. All her questions should be answered clearly and concisely. She should know exactly where to go for whatever she wishes to buy or observe. And during this time, she should get a feel of what kind of company you are.

BluEnt a website development company can give you a representative that will take care of all that for you.

We provide web and mobile app development services. Mobile apps, web apps, and desktop apps are old friends of ours. You'll get the whole package – Website Designing, user-friendliness, clarity, and more.

Ready to boost your revenue and tap into that market you've been eyeing? Contact us today!

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