15 Nov 2016

Head in the Clouds: Build Your Castle in the Clouds with Cloud Computing

The world we live in is a fast-paced, efficiency hungry and a dynamic one. To keep up with the times, it is absolutely quintessential a person, product or service is able to manage not only one task but multiple tasks at one go. The end-line—you cannot just stick to one thing anymore. The cloud is a brilliant example of this phenomenon.

So what exactly is the cloud? Well, in totally non-technical language, the cloud can roughly be translated to the Internet. Anything you pull up on the Internet makes you part of the "cloud." The Internet is a vast place, where anything and everything is possible. Let's narrow it down further more. The cloud is basically a network of servers communicating with each other providing a "all at one place" feel; this is a revolutionary feat that the IT industry has made.

Owning a business as we all are aware of, is not a 9-5 job. A

challenge or obstacle can occur at any given point of time, forcing the business owner to be vigilant and constantly going through and overlooking projects and activities of the business to secure themselves from any surprises that could have been taken care of when the problem at its genesis.

The cloud has in time saved a lot people money and time in the past and has kept multiple hurdles and obstacles away. Ever since its arrival, the cloud has played a pivotal role in providing stability.

Cloud computing has constantly been evolving in accordance to changing needs of businesses and the likings of the end-users. Reports about the changing trends in cloud computing systems suggest that cloud is here to stay and stay for good.

To be able to receive access to cloud establishments, the major element is having a secure and strong Internet Connection. Without internet access, cloud loses all its charms and it won't be able to benefit you at all. The cloud network stores all the information and data on the internet at no-cost in exchange for your subscription to their business. Think of Google. Having a Gmail account gives you access to the drive enabling you to be able to use google sheets, google word, google slides and more. These services are accessible to you at any given point, at any given place provided you have internet access. Cloud computing has substantially reduced the costs of having to buy and keep many other external memory devices which have to be carried around by a person at all times to be able to access the data they have. Cutting out the requirement of being physically being present with your data has brought about a sigh of relief to everybody. If you are not part of the movement yet, now would be a really good time to explore cloud computing services. Take a look at the types of cloud your business would require:


  • Public Cloud: The public cloud is the type of cloud that gives access to the user to all kinds of resources, usually free-of-charge. However, as the name suggests that this is public, one is not provided with the luxury of being able to tweak the infrastructure of the cloud. The infrastructure stays in the control of the company providing you with their cloud computing systems. That being stated, Public Clouds are good for personal use, depending on the services being provided at no or low costs, they are not necessarily the best option for a business since they can be subject to cyber-attacks more than the other types of cloud computing.

  • Private Cloud: The Private Cloud is created for an organization which gives access to only a particular set of users. It is not shared with everyone and it is remotely located. Private Clouds also have the option of making it on premise, which is basically a guarantee that your data is really safe and secure, but that comes with a price that is not usually cheap but it gives you total control over the infrastructure of the cloud. Think of getting a customized app developed, but for your data. That's what a Private Cloud is like.

  • Hybrid Clouds: The best of both worlds, Hybrid clouds include aspects from both, Public and Private clouds. This leads to cheaper costs and gives you access to all the features you might need for your business.

Having taken a look at the types of clouds, let's take a look at the services provided by cloud:


  • Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS): IAAS is the most basic and simple cloud computing service which requires the provider to offer the user with infrastructure. Infrastructure includes, virtualized hardware, IP addresses, data storage disks etc. IAAS services are opted by clients who do not want to involve themselves with the technical stuff i.e. the installation and managing of such platforms. Companies providing IAAS systems are: Amazon AWS, IBM SmartCloud Enterprise, Google Compute Engine. (Check this list out for more IAAS providers)

  • Platform As A Service (PAAS): Providers following the PAAS computing service extend their platforms and environment to clients enabling them to access their data and application systems on the internet wherever they might be. With PAAS, one could be in New Delhi and still monitor and manage their applications New York. Place and time zones do not matter. All that you need is an Internet Connection. PAAS services are generally paid for, i.e. you would only pay for what you use. Some of these services would ideally be, Operating Systems, Support, Software Development etc. Companies providing PAAS systems are: Amazon AWS, AppFog, Google App Engine. (Check this list out for more PAAS providers)

  • Software As A Service (SAAS): SAAS providers, as the name suggests, extend their software systems to clientele. The software applications can further on be used to manage a whole lot of mechanisms like accounts, tracking, advertising, messaging, etc. Again, SAAS providers are pay-as-you-go. You can be a monthly subscriber or w a yearly subscriber. SAAS platforms help you get to know your target audiences even better. Some companies with the SAAS narrative are Facebook, Twitter and Google.

We, at BluEnt hope we have cleared the basic understanding of vast area of cloud computing. However, it is our motto to provide you with the details and clear any other doubts or questions you might have.

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