19 Nov 2020

Top 7 Benefits of Custom App Development for Your Business

Your business doesn't just have to become relevant – it has to stay relevant, which is the harder part. And a large part of staying relevant comes from bespoke app development.

Business mobile application development falls into two main categories:

  • Off-the-shelf

  • Custom-made

More businesses are shifting towards personalized mobile solutions, rather than dealing with packaged solutions. There's no one-size-fits-all solution, but there are good reasons why this shift is taking place.

Key Differences Between Off-the-Shelf and Customized Solutions

Customized or tailor-made software, on the other hand, is adapted to meet the needs of your business. It is unique, scalable and secure.

Does this mean I shouldn't use off-the-shelf software?

It depends on what you require.

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Proprietary mobile apps make sense when your business has simple needs that can be met with basic processing features. They are designed with diverse customers in mind, meaning that features, properties and functioning of the apps are the same for every user.

So, I should go for custom mobile applications?

Custom mobile applications are effective solutions when your enterprise has specific needs. Unlike off-the-shelf software mobile apps, custom software runs exactly like you want it to.

You won't have to pay for a feature your customers will never use. All your features will be exactly as your users require.

Benefits of Custom Mobile Apps

  • Custom mobile applications are personalized and tailor-made

    Custom mobile apps are designed with the latest technical features. They are created to develop your unique business requirements. Unlike with proprietary software, any glitches that arise can be taken care of quickly.

  • Custom mobile applications are resource efficient

    Developing a custom mobile app for your business might appear resource intensive and expensive, but the investments pay off in the long run.

    Imagine the expenses for getting a license for the enterprise version of packaged software for your business, the hardware and software setup, the technical support, and the periodic license renewal. Ouch. For the same price, you can get a full-fledged mobile app developed that does not need a new peripheral setup and runs seamlessly on existing systems. Sounds like a wise investment, right?

  • Maintenance is easier for custom mobile apps

    For off-the-shelf software, your business runs on the grace of the software developer. As long as there is maintenance of the product, your business benefits from it.

    In case developers go bankrupt or out of business, there will be problems. However, a custom solution will be maintained as long as you want it to be.

  • Custom software is scalable

    Compared to their off-the-shelf peers, custom software is more scalable. Your app development team will continue working on the program as long as you have a requirement for it.

    In the case of packaged software, the license will either be too expensive or will not be effective enough for economical pricing.

  • Integration is easy

    Custom apps are great for program integration. You can integrate multiple processes of your business with a single piece of software, without depending on multiple apps to help meet your business requirements.

  • Better customer support

    Having a custom mobile app means having the support of a development team that has been involved in the app development from the start. This means better support and grievance redressal.

  • Custom apps are more secure than packaged apps

    The majority of successful security breaches are done by exploiting vulnerabilities in popular apps and software. A custom mobile app is more secure as it requires greater effort to study and exploit security vulnerabilities.


If you are a funded startup or mid-size firm, we highly recommend a custom mobile app.

BluEnt has a team of experienced developers who can help you make the right choices in developing a mobile app for businesses in North America.

We create apps for native platforms (Android, Apple, Windows Mobile) and hybrid platforms (Adobe Phonegap, Titanium, Appcelerator, Ionic). Bespoke apps we have made include retail apps (buying and/or selling), social media apps, audio/video apps, community apps and more.

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